The Failure of Friday Night Funkin's Kickstarter

It’s been almost 2 years since the Friday Night Funkin’ kickstarter, and very little is known about the game. What happened?

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0:00 Intro
0:13 Humble Beginnings
1:29 The Kickstarter
4:04 The Updates
4:53 The Physical Media
7:28 The Game


35 thoughts on “The Failure of Friday Night Funkin's Kickstarter”

  1. I feel like this is going to be an Omori situation.

    It will probably take a long time to make and people will be asking for their money back and when it releases, everyone will like it.

  2. I say this as a Newgrounds user who’s really just happy to see the site in the spotlight again but…Give it time.
    I feel like people tend to give this game less credit than other indie games that’ve taken a while to release because of how people view the community.
    I don’t think saying it’s “failed” is the correct word because it hasn’t failed already right? This is probably another Omori situation. It’ll take a while, but it will release and people will enjoy it. I will say-similarly to Omori the lack of communication is the reason that public perception outside of fans is generally pessimistic. I’m holding out hope though.

  3. The game is still being developed, so I don't think we've seen the end of FnF, not by a long shot. From the tidbits of what we've seen such as the cutscenes and the new "Erect" songs for each week, I think FnF can make a comeback if the news update is worth all the waiting time.

  4. I don't think it's entirely fair to write the game off as a failure just yet, as the devs are still actively working on it (they provide occasional updates on Twitter), but I fully agree that they're in way over their heads. This is a team of four people, and what they've promised on their kickstarter is incredibly ambitious. I'm not sure if they'll be able to finish the game and deliver on their promises, but I'd like to think that they can and will.

  5. I never even knew that it was a Kickstarter. And I randomly watched some decently-long video a while back on how FnF's code annoyed rhythm game players, and multiple mods had already been forked off to try to clean it up and make it play tighter. Didn't even know there was an original game that had been presold for $2 million to Kickstarters.

  6. Good video. I didn't really realize until just how ambitious the goals are. 75 weeks that probably all have 3 songs in them, with remixes of every song, AND cutscenes is insane for a group of 4 people. I just like fnf for the mods since the vanilla game is almost nonexistent in comparison

  7. I agree with you about their unpreparedness. part of the risk of supporting a kickstarter is that there is no guarantee to get a product (see air umbrella). they’re gonna take years to make the game or die trying which I can at least respect

  8. I don't get it
    They have a shit ton of movie and they have enough skill to actually make the game, why aren't they doing anything lol

    bunch of lazy fucks tbh

  9. I think the recent release of the Vs. Impostor V4 mod is a good reference point. It took THEM over a year to get this update out, working with Innersloth themselves on a mod that has over 50 songs, a currency system, SOME animated cutscenes (some even got scrapped), etc.

    So depending on the team size, I think it makes sense that it's taking so long, and frankly I wouldn't be surprised if GTA VI releases before this game does. And I'd also like to praise for the community for keeping this otherwise dead game alive.

    Although I also find it funny that there are two fully functional Online VS. mods out there XD

  10. This is why subcontractors exist. If the FNF crew was a bit more savvy, they'd contact a game development studio that works with publishers to assist with development and marketing and even organization. With that kind of money, they can and should hire more help.

  11. As a massive fnf fan and a person who has went out of their way to find as much information as possible about what is going on with the game. I can say that they are still working on it and it is not a scam. Firstly they reveal a lot of information about the game not on the kickstarter but through other way like streaming working on the game and through tweets. The reason they don't reveal any teasers or anything anymore is because the modding community will take the assets and make mods out of them for clout which already happen with the pico week leaks from a while back and they were not happy. 2nd: About the game itself they release a new pico week last April which infamously got delayed because phantom arcade said the reason why they delayed it was to make sure it as great as possible and have more stuff. The update itself is set to be releasing this year around April – June and will contain week 8 which will be an oc and the pico week that was tease will be an alternative week 3 where you play as pico and learn his story before the events of week 3 and every current song will get an erect remix (3 of which have already been uploaded by Kawaii Sprite). As of right now that is all we think will be in the week 8 update and looks to be the final update to the demo before they fully start working on the full game. 3rd: As for the kickstarter merch it looks to be that everyone is getting their stuff this year and even some have said they already got it. The reason why is because I believe only the 2 main artists phantom arcade and evilsk8r are working on the merch art and both of them are known for taking a long time with their art. Though I can say it was worth it since the art looks amazing. 4th: They have hired people to work on the game. We really only know one as of now which is EliteMasterEric (a programmer) and it looks like they are waiting for the update to come out to reveal the rest. Overall while yes the game is taking a long time to come out I definitely know the game isn't a scam and the devs are working hard to make this the best game possible and the devs like surprises (which is why week 7 came out of now where) so I think they will surprises the internet with this game. I rather wait years for an amazing game than months for buggy bad game. Hope this comment answers any questions people have had about where this game has been. Obviously I am not a dev so idk the full story but this is what I was able to get from what the devs have said since then.

  12. Yeah I threw a bit of money at the game and I'm still excited for it. A lot of the goals were just kind of insane. I didn't pledge for any physical rewards so I'm just sitting here patiently as a few guys who never did a kickstarter before scramble to make their kickstarted project not suck. I'm still excited, and it won't be the first time something's gone through Kickstarter Hell and came out the other side fine if it does turn out fine.


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