THE LITERAL 2022 Hypercarry Garen Build | riste | League of Legends

What a perfect score to fit the title….


I want to give a very special thanks to BRAHIM – for the most incredible YouTube intro I could ever ask for. Check out his Twitter for more amazing 3D rendered work! And lastly, thanks to Skailaid for allowing me to use his Demacian Vice Garen artwork in my video!

Brahim –
Skalaid –

Next I’ll be thanking the This is the Police 2 devs and Miracle of Sound for allowing their music to be free for content creators. Their music fits the vision of my future content so well, so expect to hear more from them in the future!

Thank you to Brianne (Briikachu) for creating the thumbnail for this video-

Song #1 : Lightweight from the This is the Police 2 OST

Song #2: (Upside Down) by Miracle Of Sound

riste is a Season 9 Challenger Garen main who dedicates his free time to pushing the limits of the champion further and further in high elo for Season 12. His educational content showcases high elo gameplay on the North America server. riste was able to reach 642LP Challenger in Season 9 with the old Garen, and he’s looking to climb even higher with the newer Garen. He also is the only North American high elo Garen streamer to go live six days a week on twitch.

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20 thoughts on “THE LITERAL 2022 Hypercarry Garen Build | riste | League of Legends”

  1. I like Garen just because its a simple champion and I can enjoy the game without spending hours per day to mastery smth like GP or Katarina. Btw Garen vs Katarina match up is SOOOOO good.

  2. the smile on his face while he runs down his enemies with this champion really goes deep its like he finally got a way to get back to a bully from high school


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