The Moose Knuckler with Geeks & Deadly – Escape from Tarkov

Geeks and I team up in Tarkov running a very strange but effective SKS. It runs a normal PSO with a second sight that isn’t canted. We take the fight to other …


25 thoughts on “The Moose Knuckler with Geeks & Deadly – Escape from Tarkov”

  1. 1 life around tarkov

    1 create a single kit to last all raids
    2 noting can go into gamma container

    Basically you are going to try and survive all the raids starting from factory, shoreline, interchange, and labs using only 1 life
    So prepare!
    Kill as many pmc's as possible
    Dont forget those scavs.
    Love the content. And i would love to see this challenge attempted by the famous deadlyslob ❤

  2. Been running something similar to the Moose Knuckler. Only differences are the canted sight and chassis to utilize a flashlight. Get better view with canted and with a flashlight it can rock 'n' roll on Interchange. Also right there with you on how it sounds suppressed. I think most 7.62×39 guns sound great suppressed.


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