The MOST broken spot in Windtrace Genshin Impact


23 thoughts on “The MOST broken spot in Windtrace Genshin Impact”

  1. i was hiding as mona in one of the chimneys, the hunter was close so i turned on invisibility and made a beeline for the top of the windmill and there was a haystack running around there LOL. the hunter was also mona so ig they panicked so i turned into a box to show i was a rebel then we just revealed ourselves and started jumping on top of the windmill as mona and xiao.

  2. I just played in this map a few minutes ago using Xiangling, there are only 2 rebels since the other one cannot join the world. I climb a cliff near a house and hid there (there's a tree, so they can't see me). The hunter (Childe) caught the other rebels and couldn't find me until he used the burst. It took him a few seconds until he found a way to climb the cliff. When he already close to me, I just dropped the character and run to the pond and hid there as a roll of hay. And the rebels won 😂

  3. My hiding spot yesterday was perfect, I was the last rebel, but the hunter got a favor and spot me, I thought he wouldn't be able to catch me bc he had to climb, but I was wrong, and so close, just about 30 seconds left, that was so stupid cuz he didn't notice me at all first


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