The Mummy – Among Us

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27 thoughts on “The Mummy – Among Us”

  1. Cyan is our Horror charcter,
    He know anything what he need to make,But he Just survived,He is smart from what he need to escape into Horror charcter but he is not smart Like minicrew.
    Minicrew was 7/10(Because every
    minicrew is not smart. İ think somtimes they're can fail)
    Cyan was 5/10 (Every Horror video need a Cyan but i don't talk about novisor because İ don't remember Cyan in novisor. Anyways Cyan can survive into Horror)
    And others are worstest of the All time, they're fails but novisors was
    10/10(Because All of them are not smart but have any abalitys and everytime All of them are succees i don't need say something more for understand it right.)
    And İnersloth was 10/10(Of course i don't need say something right.)
    Horror Charcters…
    You choose it and Write in comments, 4/10 or 5/10(Every Horror charcter have a weakspot)
    Anotromanics and impostors…
    You choose it an Write in comments.
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