The New Spiral Abyss is 10X Easier: Genshin Impact

The 11th Floor is rough, but I think it isn’t as hard as the old spiral abyss. I highly recommend trying to grind this out for the primo gems and artifacts!

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37 thoughts on “The New Spiral Abyss is 10X Easier: Genshin Impact”

  1. can anyone tell why when diluc attacks an electro slime, the overloaded damage kills diluc super fast. (in palace of zhou domain)

    but when razor uses electro skill against pyro slime, the overloaded damage does not even touch razor?

    even when doing overload on a burning grass , u die super fast.

    diluc is basically useless against electro slimes and it makes me so upset! this is probably a bug and everybody ignores it like it's normal.

    mihoyo literally did this to make us buy the new geo characters and force us to use shields.
    nobody talks about that? wake up guys.

  2. Now, I never even tried the last version of 12-2, but I hate 11-2 in this. I 3* everything before it on my first try (not impressive, I have every character but Diluc and Mona and most of them are built), but keeping the monolith alive is so annoying especially since I hate having to re-do chambers just to use different characters on the other ones.

  3. he asks if people are having trouble with spiral abyss, when he has diluc and venti… may as well play with cheat codes. play with f2p team. or with 1 5 star character total and it’s jean lol. also I only have one lv 80, no 90’s

  4. i m messaging here to ask is character exp very limited(the scrolls or whtever they are) ? also, yesterday i just reached AR 20 an rushed to ar 25 in couple of hours just to get my team to able able to do the cryo regiswine for +5 festering desire. i m burned out now and fell like i have a worst luck bec of a recent x10 pull i did where i got diona (its not bec of her but i wanted my existing team to get some constellation like on my fischl[c1] and bennett). i m taking a break frm the game today and want to ask tht should i reroll and play the game frm start without getting the event weapon or should i stay with this account ? (been 1 and a half week since i started playing this game). i like this game but the limited amount of resources takes the fun out of this game and the wishes with bad rates make my feel more unlucky then i would be irl lol.

  5. To all of the people in comments ill let you know ive beaten whole abyss without diluc or venti as a f2p using razor fischl dps get yourself a sucrose and stop crying about venti the abyss is easy if you cant beat it work on your characters instead of crying 😉

  6. People with Venti, Sucrose C2 will easily get pass spiral abyss. Meanwhile, im here without any of them and my sucrose c0 lack the power to gather everyone because her ulti lasts way too short :/

  7. I literally don't have a second team to do abyss. I only have a built Ninguang team and I spent the rest of my time doing other stuff. I have 9000 primo gems, 20 rolls from guaranteed pitty, 300 hero's wits and all of Ganyu's mats waiting to go.


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