The ONLY Fade Guide You'll EVER NEED! – Valorant

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In today’s video, we’re bringing you the only guide for Fade you’ll ever need! This guide will cover Fade’s abilities, what her playstyle is, some synergies, and general tips to mastering Fade!

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00:00 Intro
00:25 Haunt
01:44 Prowler
02:36 Seize
03:03 Nightfall
03:41 QOTD
04:02 General playstyle
04:22 Haunt Lineups
06:54 Prowler Combos
07:44 Seize Guidelines
08:16 Team Play
08:50 Ultimate Tips
09:19 Conclusion
09:46 Outro

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43 thoughts on “The ONLY Fade Guide You'll EVER NEED! – Valorant”

  1. ProGuides does learn movement is batter than learn aiming or other because I have been crossed over 150 hours on Aimlab and 936 hours on valorant but still I am hard stuck on iron 3 my gridshot record is 70k but I was hard stuck plz reply me

  2. People won't stop calling abilities by Default hotkeys, will they? Like many of us have different keys since the very beginning and weird to hear someone saying smth like "use your E"

  3. If you saw Yo100's comment, this is an extended idea of an "ice" themed agent.

    A new controller, name not decided.

    As usual for controllers, a smoke ability. It's gonna be a deployable smoke like vipers smoke orb, (sorta like a device on the ground) its going to make a smoke of cold mist, damaging enemies in a way that progressively gets more and more as you stay in it.

    Another ability would be something like an icy field, (probably her ult.) it will create a big icy floor, that disrupts movement, and lowers fire rate. if you have played brawl stars, you might now Lou's super. The movement disruption might be something like that.

    If we are going to make an ice character, we NEED a freeze ability. Its gonna be like a fade Q throwable, that will freeze anyone in it for 0.5 – 1 second depending on how close they are to the center of the abilty.

    i honestly have no idea for another ability

  4. "So we created a lineup ourselves", yeah all of those lineups look to be directly taken from another youtubers compilation he made a week ago.

  5. Looks like her E ability has the same trajectory and falls immediate when hitting the sky box like Phoenix’s E. Can anyone who plays Fade confirm this?

  6. ngl i really love these kind of videos you guys make but 1 thing that would make them a lot better and maybe get a lot more views is that if there were some good lineups or any unique tricks that you can do with a certain agent your talking about then please put it in the video(yes ik its in this video but some agents that have lineups aren't included in the video) and you should also talk about whether or not to use them in ranked and btw proguides is expensive af i wanted to get better at valorant but the points cost alot of money and for any of the coaching the coaches provide cost up to 10000 and more points and for just 2500 points is $25

  7. I think that fade is very powerful for the same reason you said: gathers info as well as sova with the aggressiveness of skye.
    In my eyes, she’s definitely on par with sova

  8. So you gave us some info that could be found by pressing F1 in game, a couple lineups on 1 out of 7 maps, an external lineup vid (that you forgot to link even though you said you did btw) on the same map by someone else, and you call this "the only guide" we'll ever need? I've already found like 5-10 videos that show what she can really exploit with under 5k views and they go far more in depth with timestamps for each lineup and the theory behind them. This taught me nothing other than how clickbaity and generic this channel is. I wouldn't have an issue if I saw more effort, but these guides tend to follow a lazy trend meanwhile the guys making the real guides are ghosts on youtube labbing for hours on each map. If that's too hard for you, change your video title to "Fade abilities, a GENERAL guide" or get a new profession.

  9. No don’t line your self up with the box tern around look at the dot on the wall put your back to the wall look at the small widow gap just trow it no need to jump trow Sam result more consistent

  10. There seems to be a bug where the ult will hit people and it won’t create a trail.
    There also seems to be a bug where the prowler won’t latch onto a trail. I’ve been playing almost exclusively fade since she came out. I love her. But she will be nerfed. She can get Too much info.

  11. Sova's recon arrow has been dumbed down. It mostly does not detect the enemy anymore. If you are close to the center it is highly likely it will detect you, but it also misses sometimes, if you are near the edge it is most likely not going to detect you. I believe if you stand still it is more likely to miss you, while if you move it is more likely it will detect you.


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