THE ONLY PATHFINDER GUIDE YOU'LL EVER NEED! (Apex Legends Advanced Pathfinder Movement Guide)

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0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Why Pathfinder?
0:55 – Tactical: Grapple Hook
3:27 – Tip #1: Grapple Hop
4:15 – Tip #2: Grappling Momentum
4:56 – Tip #3: Make Sure to Detach Your Grapple!
5:33 – Tip #4: Vertical Grappling
6:11 – Tip #5: Advanced Movement With Grapples
6:50 – Bonus Tip: Grappling Enemies
7:20 – Ultimate: Zipline Gun
8:58 – Passive: Insider Knowledge
9:32 – Keys to Pathfinder
10:11 – Summary & Reassurance!

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27 thoughts on “THE ONLY PATHFINDER GUIDE YOU'LL EVER NEED! (Apex Legends Advanced Pathfinder Movement Guide)”

  1. I’m currently in such a rut atm in apex I’m literally hard stuck play (on pc) any decent players willing to help me out give me some tips etc? I’ve played the game since the beginning but took a break and now I’m just awful…

  2. Lol. I don't main him, but when I play him, I love to try to grapple enemies and shoot them while they're grappled. Sometimes they shoot back, but I still feel like Scorpion whenever I down them.

  3. Don't main any legends but still have around 15-20k kills on path across platforms as my most used legend.
    1 rule I try to stick with as path is not to grapple into fights, but use it to get out of fights and repositioning during fights.
    IMO path should be played similar to wraith.. First to go into a fight and deal as much damage as possible before using the grapple to get back out again if needed.
    Another tip is the double zipline speed boost. I sometimes set up an extra zip next to existing ones (Both horizontal and vertical). This way you get unlimited jumping on the 2 ziplines and you travelling a lot faster and are way harder to hit. This can be used to aggressively push teams on the other end of existing ziplines and I rarely see anyone else doing it.

  4. Pathfinder is the legend i have the most luck with and he’s fun to play as so I’ll main him.
    I used to main lifeline back in season 0&1, her faster healing was so helpful

  5. I'm disliking because every single youtuber plays the stupid ad about the guy doing a stupid course. It's very annoying because I'm literally not exaggerating. This ad is everywhere I can get away

  6. BTW there is also a technique where you can catapult yourself with the grapple just aim right above the ledge you want to grapple up to and it will always give you that extra momentum or in case you need thta element of surprise

  7. Pathy was my very first character in Apex legend and I instantly liked him. But since every recon legend can scan beacons, he doesn't really have a passive. 10 seconds less cooldown are cool, but you have tofind and scan a beacon for it. A passive ability should be something "independent" imo.


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