The ONLY ROAMING Guide You'll EVER NEED for League of Legends

The ONLY ROAMING Guide You’ll EVER NEED for League of Legends
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26 thoughts on “The ONLY ROAMING Guide You'll EVER NEED for League of Legends”

  1. Question: What to do if the enemy laner has a lot of wave clear? What should I do first before I roam? Should I either slow push 3 waves and fast push or is there any other solution?

  2. This guide only focus on the own benefits of a roam. Only on how much you can gain.

    But you can also roam to deny the enemy more than you lose. for example: your toplaner has the wave stacked on the 3rd wave and their toplaner can lose 3 waves if you succesful dive him.

    You can absolutely Roam and even lose a wave if the other toplaner loses more. That is also okay!

    In that case you give up some pressure in your lane so another one of your teammates can snowball the game.

  3. I agree and disagree. It is the most efficient thing to do, but funnily enough I see alot of higher elo players roam on even waves. Seemingly for the reason that it's not what should be done and it isn't as expected. I think T1 is one of biggest perpetrators, next to qiyanna mains xD. But hey, do what your skill level can afford. I'm sure they sack the wave just because they KNOW they'll get something out of the roam I'm assuming.


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