The Only Sniper Left in Apex

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The Sentinel was taken out of Apex Legends and the only other “sniper ” besides the longbow is a Charge Rifle and Kraber. I wouldn’t exactly call the charge rifle a true sniper and the Kraber is only a care package weapon the Longbow is pretty much the only sniper we have in the game now! Leave a like and subscribe, enjoy the video.

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48 thoughts on “The Only Sniper Left in Apex”

  1. Too be honest I don't really use snipers in apex but Kraber even tho sentinel is satisfying as heck so watching your video made me want to use them thank you for your wonderful content keep it up champ. its me soccer4lfe from twitch stream 🙂

  2. you know its getting intense when stay gets the F word out instead of frick. haha. anyway, these daily videos get my blood pumping everyday before I get to play. thanks stay! (wow it rhymes too)


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