The Outer Worlds Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Optimized] [Xbox Game Pass]

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The Outer Worlds Xbox Series X Gameplay Review of this Xbox Game Pass open world RPG that’s basically Fallout in Space from Obsidian. This is one remarkable title of choice, exploration & companions. Xbox Store: [Ad]. This is one wildly awesome experience that brings countless hours of excitement and stories to go through. Pick your approach, and how you to want to interact with others through expansive dialogue. Now Optimized with 60fps.

The Outer Worlds Xbox Series X Gameplay Review of this exciting Xbox Game Pass RPG game that provides many unique experiences to be had across a range of planets. Make your own character, and go wild with the choices you make along the way. Explore expansive distinct locations, meet weird characters and deal with the corporations. It’s very exciting, and quite a splendid time the whole way through.

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#TheOuterWorlds #XboxSeriesX Gameplay Review of this Xbox Game Pass title that features many options for how you explore and tackle the challenges you have along the way. It’s quite thrilling, providing many odd situations to deal with and companions to have along the way. Definitely an entertaining time for sure providing countless ways for replayability. The choices you make directly impact the journey you have.

This is such a well done experience that was grown with DLC expansions and many planets you can visit as you work through the narrative. Definitely a thrilling, and messed up sort of time with such a bizarre story but you need to just go along with it really. The ultimate best The Outer Worlds Xbox Series X review and gameplay.


25 thoughts on “The Outer Worlds Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Optimized] [Xbox Game Pass]”

  1. This 60fps change dropped out of nowhere. Obsidian didn't even mention it on Twitter. They just mentioned that patch is supposed to add support for upcoming DLC.
    I heard about 60fps while I was downloading huge update to game yesterday.

  2. Now that Xbox owns Fallout, do you think Outer Worlds will be a one-off that never gets a sequel?
    Do you think that they will try to tie the lore of Fallout & Outer Worlds together?
    What if they made it where Fallout, Outer Worlds & Rage were all in the same universe 🤔

  3. Can you tell me what version of outer worlds this is. Is it version That’s the version I have of outer worlds total is 54 gb I don’t see on my series x that the patch released

  4. I played through Outer Worlds late last year, early this year and after looking at it now, I wish I would've waited. The 60fps definitely makes it look like a brand new game. I downloaded the update last night and plan on playing through it this weekend. Great video!

  5. Tried this myself and I also noticed quite a bit of FPS drops. Could’ve been my fov causing it but it got annoying in the open world. I’m glad it’s above 30 now though.


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