The REAL DIFFERENCE Between Low Elo and Radiant – NOOB to PRO – Valorant Guide

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36 thoughts on “The REAL DIFFERENCE Between Low Elo and Radiant – NOOB to PRO – Valorant Guide”

  1. I think the unpredictability of low elo players is one of the main things that throw off high-rank players and might be one of the reasons why I can't rank up since I like to watch tips and tricks videos and since low-el players are so unpredictable it's just pure chaos. (The other reason I don't get to play a lot)

  2. I use the Ares more and more as I grow closer to immortal. It’s just the more consistent gun versus the Spectre or judge, and crouching rarely gets me killed as long as your aim is on point.

  3. Yes, in low ranks individual skill decides the winner usually, but if ur way better than the enemy and ur team doesnt do anything… its useless, you have better individual skill than them, but virtually everyone in ur team is worse than the enemy, you wont win…

  4. low elo actually varies from region to region as i think
    guides they make they took na ranks

    i am from sea region
    there are 2 types of low elo
    one type who are actually have 0 game sense even if the round is over they have al ability left and they doesn't use ability
    some low elo don't watch mini map
    mini map give you so many info use it man
    but some low elo are actually good they have decent game sense decent map but there mechanical skills are good but not consistent
    because low elo players never train there aim

  5. I dnt like doin wat streamers do. I rather make my own skill. Copying other streamers decreases skill and just makes it worse to be a duplicate of someone else.

  6. I was in a 1v5 clutch situation, didn't win bc cringe jett opping mid, but the rest 4 were just peeking me coz I was playing kinda bad before, but then I entered scream 2.0 mode and onetapped them all, except that cringe jett opping mid lol

  7. In iron almost every time players insta lock a dualist and end up playing extremely bad yes I am plat 1 in my main account and coz I got a 7day ban in it I am playing in my alt i only play viper and sage sometimes and idk wtf plant sports are those they don't even know what is default plant lol 😂 and all the time they will take odin and when I kill them with a judge they will complain I was camping and doing run and gun 🤯

  8. The problem with lower ranks rn is is that even at, say, bronze 3 or at silver 2, there is a huge skill difference in the players of the same rank and every other match we either stomp or get stomped hard🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. so im a silver 3 been there for atleast 4 acts now but i decided to create an alt and try i reached a gold/plat lobby and i mid fragged the plays made sense everything they did made sense headshots werent random like runing from 100 meters away and hitting headshots no it was genuine skill the agent abilities were used how they should be used it actually made sense in silver its too chaotic to think silver and below just turn of the brain thats all you need to climb to gold no brain maybe in silver 3 lobbies cuz golds but thats u to you to figure out

  10. So I play in high gold. In my team, there was a sova, whose aim wasn't the best that match/day. He was underperforming. My man earned my respect… He didn't buy any guns for himself, just armor and util. Our sova, gave us info like crazy, and when he died or it was a clutch situation, he gave near to perfect calls, I wanted to share this experience to tell others, that you can help your team in multiple ways, not just by getting kills.

  11. About the team composition…. I've won with a duelists only team. I personally think that if you have good game sense, reaction time and decent aim, you can win any game. Also the thing about every class having to do a certain thing is total bs bc on certain maps I use KAY/O as support, in others I use him for entry.


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