The REAL Problems That Will Drag Shadowlands Down – Warcraft Weekly

There are real problems that will drag Shadowlands down and it’s not just covenants – that’s been talked to death and unholy resurrection but what about the actual progression systems like conduits? What about the activities we’ll be doing like Torghast? As we learn that the ripcord was more gaffe than promise I want to shift focus over what has been given a lot less attention.

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0:00 Pretend Bob is here
0:44 Shadowlands title screen
1:37 Torghast events
3:10 Ion “lied” and the dev post
10:15 The bigger problems

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38 thoughts on “The REAL Problems That Will Drag Shadowlands Down – Warcraft Weekly”

  1. Mis-spoke? He did nothing of the sort. He didnt just say the word ripcord. He literally explained what it would do, and that they can switch everything right away if they need to.

  2. No PVP stats please! I have too much gear in my bags as it is. Tank spec, healer spec, dps spec, now I need PVP versions of all of the above? No! Just let gear be gear, but the scaling needs to go.

  3. The WoW community has got to be one of the most fascinating and weirdest gaming communities i have ever seen. You guys focus so much on the negatives of the game more than the positives. I`ve watched countless WOW podcasts were they would 98% trash on the game and the other 2% say something they like about. But the weirdest part is they play this game they are annoyed by. Funniest shit ever. Now i understand why they say wow is like crack.

  4. I prefer PvP power (even though the name is dumb). With a single stat that just reduces damage, it can get out of control quickly. Having another component that balances this out by doing more damage to players ensures this can't happen.

  5. I'm getting really tired of people saying that Ion lied or even mentioning it. That is complete fake news. If you watched/listened to the Preach interview, his "ripcord" comment was in regards to being able to switch between covenants freely. That ripcord still exists, all they have to do is remove the 2 weekly quest barrier, and you can switch between covenants anytime you want.

    In Ion's bluepost, he was speaking to the idea of seperating the covenant class abilities from the covenants themselves, essentially creating a new talent row, where players can choose which covenant ability they want to use, while still retaining their covenant choice. Ion said that this change is not possible in the bluepost.

    These are two completely different things. Super frustrated by everyone propagating this bullcrap that Ion lied to us.

  6. Soul, ion lied. Why? Not only is he a game developer but he is also a spokesperson for wow. That in fact makes him a P.R dude. In that, his words must be taken by verbatim. He must do research and planning before his publicity stunts or rather engagements. They know what questions to answer and which ones not to answer. Now, he could have just gotten up from his couch and winged it (which I doubt), it is more likely to assume he had talking points he needed to stick to. So, in conclusion… what he said about the rip cord and then retracting it was not a mistake. If it was, he would have given a reason for the retraction in the spirit of transparency. He did not. He said nothing. In my opinion it comes off as a haughty display of apathy. Nevertheless, I applaud your grace with him in giving him the benefit. However, I caution you with that, because he is a professional and has the power to act human in the face of a "Blunder." He has not and just pretended it didn't happen. That usually suggest apathy.

  7. They should make it that pvp gear has a bonus on it that makes its ilvl increase by 15ilvls whilst in queued pvp activities, make pve gear have +15 ilvls when in queued pve activities, and then make both have no bonus in open world. That means open world can be balanced easier and that people are equal in the open world. It also means that you can use the opposite gear in both cases but "the best gear" will be the specific gear designed for that place.

  8. Of course there is a ripcord. Just remove weekly lock and instacomplete quest on covenant change and that's it. Or better yet, just remove said quest and make whole process work by simply clicking a button in UI. It's not that hard to add a button into UI.

  9. The game is 15 years old , its a dinosaur. It hasn't pulled in new players in years. BFA was rough and shadowlands will be no different. If you enjoy daily tasks and running the same dungeons over and over again thats what you'll get, just like the last 5 xpacs.

  10. I pvp at around 2.6k which is not that great. but i don't play it a lot. some games here and there. im pretty good. id hate to lose games to less skilled players cuz they have pvp gear. if they do pvp gear bonuses then ill want raid bonuses so the pvp'ers get the same treatment and lack of strength while raiding. no resilliance or pvp specific thing. that will just segregate more people from playing pvp

  11. I feel whether Ion said the "RIP Cord" was there or not he obviously was speaking more of an absolute worst case scenario which hasn't technically manifested itself in their eyes and probably never will since players just simply expressing via feedback isn't enough evidence to walk back on a design that has more than likely costed Blizzard a good deal of financial investment conceptualizing and build various other systems around each other.
    This is just something the community will have to adapt to regardless if you like it or not as the time for Blizzard to agree with the community and do something about it is long gone.

  12. Heaven forbid they go back to basic tier sets with straight forward bonuses and abandon this need to try to prove how clever they are; because coming up with unnecessary,, convoluted, gimmicks like this are the only things new they are capable of creating. Everything else is a recycling job with a new coat of paint.

  13. Shadowlands is screwed it always has been as the devs will never learn and never change. Covenants should have told people that. They still need there grind as torghast is not going to carry the Xpac for two years.

  14. The thing im most happy about that my enhancer is the lowest dps and blizzard hasnt changed that since alpha. Also thanks blizzzard for ignoring enhancement shamans while you removed many things from top tier classes from gcd. Great job

  15. I think part of players' grievances is that Blizzard has backed themselves into a corner ONCE AGAIN with this system. Since the covenants were announced and showcased, very vocal players expressed that it would be a disappointing experience. Blizzard vaguely gestured that they were willing to separate the ability from the rest of the covenant if players were not happy. Players immediately stated they weren't happy and wouldn't be happy. Ion came back and said "give us a chance". Players could already see this was not a fight that number tuning would fix and insisted that they decouple it before things get too convoluted. Fast forward to now, Ion comes back and says they can't separate the power from the covenant because it's intertwined with the rest of the covenant system (soulbinds, conduits, etc.). So once again the players are upset because the whole time Ion insisted they could get balancing right while in the meantime adding layers of connected systems onto the abilities, inevitably making it more and more difficult to separate it when it came time to "pull the ripcord."

    So I think the players who are upset about this just want a question answered – "What do you (Blizzard) need to hear from the player or see from gameplay to finally decouple the abilities? What is this magical worst case scenario that we need to show you before you agree to make this change??" Both Legion and BFA are excellent examples of players identifying problems in the alpha/beta and Blizzard refusing to fix it until it's too late. I think it's telling that to this day Blizzard still doesn't have any official way to survey or query the playerbase for meaningful changes in the game. The forums are a void that is almost impossible to gauge developer engagement. Did they read it? How could they read it all of them? Most meaningful discussion gets buried in spam or childish back and forth. Why don't they offer ways for players to directly answer these questions? Twitter polls, in game alpha surveys, live stream tallies… At least then, Blizzard could show the result to the playerbase and give a semblance of a reason why they are keeping it this way in a "see the majority of players either don't care or prefer it this way."

    I personally could live with the current system, but I understand the sentiment that these players have and fully support their efforts to change abilities without jumping through hoops. The benefit they gain to their player experience is worth it for me to be required to change abilities every now and then for progression content.

  16. For example, people are complaining that certain classes like elemental shaman, sublety rogues or even ret palas are OP with the new changes in shadowland for pvp. If they introduce resilience they can tweak and tune the pvp dmg separetly from pve dmg. because i like how elemental is for pve atm, same with sublety rogue.
    The main problem with tuning is that there is no separation between pvp and pve for the spec in terms of dmg so if something is op in pvp, they also nerf the pve aspect of the spec.
    So having a stat like resilience or pvp power could make it easier to save a spec instead of gutting it.


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