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34 thoughts on “THE REAL REASON YOU'RE IRON IN VALORANT ??? | Sinatraa”

  1. I see people in chat saying that it takes skill to be in iron and that you need to be special kind of bad to be in iron, so I am just going to post my experience and insight being an actual hard stuck iron

    i was hardstuck iron for over 2 months and 50+ ranked matches, and the main reason for that was that I did not know the simple stuff of how the game should be played, as someone new to FPS pc games. For example, I would rush each round for kills whether it was attack or defend and If i was somehow alive, I would blank out mid-round, whether i am supposed to plant or defuse the bomb until time runs out or a teammate shouts at my mic what i am supposed (btw i have only ever solo queued valorant as i have no friends) Moreover, i was doing crazy things like playing on 1.597sens 800dpi and use speakers which will play music/ podcasts and in game sounds the same time. I thought all that was normal until i found channels like Sinatraa which just shows that i have been doing everything wrong

    Basically, thats when i reduced my sens all the way to 0.712, buy a headphone and actually use my brains while playing. Anyways, I climbed from Iron 3 to Silver 2 under one ranked season before deleting Valorant due to health issues (vision problem and headaches)

  2. I srsly Watch you to get better. my movement aspires to be like you and it is something I work on and fail miserably often but still trying… so keep posting cause im tryna take some more notes


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