The SECRET to CHALLENGER MACRO in League of Legends

The SECRET to CHALLENGER MACRO in League of Legends
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32 thoughts on “The SECRET to CHALLENGER MACRO in League of Legends”

  1. When playing in mobile competitive games like mobile legends bang bang, I would typically stay for turret, then move mid, take the turret then do the same thing until I'm at their nexus and ending the game. I literally just win every game like that but it's a lot harder to do on the PC for league of legends lol

  2. 4:19 Buddy, you should start baiting your movement more once you finish clearing a wave instead of headint IMEDIATELY to the place you want to be. When you finish clearing the last minion from a wave, the fog doesnt appear imediately. it works same was as when you just cleared a ward: they will have vision for a brief moment once you killed it, so you basically informed them that you were headed to the top side jungle right there. could have moved for a brief moment torwards your own base direction or even the bot side jungle, and then changed the movement right after. Not many NA players at all master all these small details

    6:24 i mean… you keep talking about tempo advantage but she came out from base. she had the "reset" advantage because you never went to base after earning thekill on mid. she had item advantage. your tempo advantage there meant nothing and there is nothing to blame riot for

    today my reaction is a Dislike. It is very silly afterall to put "Macro" on title of a mcbaze video

  3. Next time you do one of these you should show the enemy team on the side (an equivalent to us pressing tab in game) so that we can see who might rotate, who's fed, and such

  4. A lot of it is to think 'what I would do if I were ___'
    This means you need to at least somewhat know the role, the champion, the timer AND to have the attention bandwidth to think about all this while playing your own champion.

    Meanwhile in low ELO, I've had clash games where my teammate on comm refused to dive with me because they didn't know Volibear's ult disables turrets.
    Or my teammates mad at me for not ganking because I didn't know they can 100-0 the enemy as long as I land a stun.

  5. This is easily one of the worst videos I've seen on this channel. They've already posted videos similar to this one that explain and give way better examples.
    This dude is acting cocky saying its a coin flip when others do it but when he does it its 200IQ.
    If the sett peeled for kindred or stayed between kindred and fizz at 4:35 , the fizz could have easily have been killed or had his time wasted.
    He got lucky and tries to play it off like he had it all planned.
    Then he shows 2 clips of him failing to kill a lux and aphelios because he was too cocky and didn't wait for ult to come up.
    "I get kills like this all the time"

    Bear in mind, he gets to pick and choose what recordings to include for these videos. So there's a good chance these mediocre "plays" we're witnessing are literally the best examples this guy had recorded this patch…

    The other videos on this channel are great tho, really helpful and you can tell the players actually know what they're doing. Just this one is hard to watch.

  6. At the first question at 1:21 you don't see Yuumi and Ziggs mid yet (in the middle of mid), how can you be so sure they will stay mid and Veigar will move bot and not Veigar who will stay mid and Yuumi and Ziggs moving bot? Or even all three staying to push mid/all three moving bot (aka low elo fuckery)?

  7. I have been wondering why there are no guides about this topic. Good job guys.

    If I had to choose one skill this is the one which separates good and bad players. It applies to cs:go, valorant etc. also.

  8. I think you should mention when this is applicable. In all cases you were in between item spikes on top of your kill combo strong enough to 100-0 (assuming you had ult). This strategy trades power spikes from component purchases in favor of tempo leading to potential full buy of items, objectives or both. My question is when does itemization take priority? I could stay on the map 24/7 never backing then but I imagine thats trolling; would like some example windows when its safe to trade tempo for item strength.

  9. If you are playing Kata, Zed, Zoe, Cassiopiea, etc. You can bait the enemy team into thinking that you are roaming and if they fall for it you can get an easy kill by just staying in the bush and attack them when they try to follow your roam

  10. 8:04 unfortunately, in real games when the opponent forces 5v4 they don't "get nothing", they always win a full on teamfight and then your team blames you for not being with the team to make it a 5v5, lol.


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