The SECRET to COUNTERING Assassins as ADC – League of Legends

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41 thoughts on “The SECRET to COUNTERING Assassins as ADC – League of Legends”

  1. A more extreme solution is to splash a tank item into your build. If I'm playing Ashe and the enemy nocturne decides I'm the only thing worth ulting, I won't hesitate to grab a Randuin's. The active makes it such a good "OH SHIT" button when getting jumped by AD threats.

    This is very much not an every game purchase, but it's better than getting one shot on repeat.

  2. Most times in low elo, (I'm Silver, so really low elo lol,) I can just look at what champs are carrying their team, and build against them to lessen the impact of their advantage.

    Since this is low elo; I don't get punished as much for conceding stats. Hardly anyone is aware of why they'd want to hit the Tab key at any point in the game, and they go on to build the same items they built the last 50+ games.

    Example: A Master Yi is blowing up, and we're playing Ashe. Yi doesn't know what a tab key even is, so he doesn't see that we've built Shieldbow and Death's Dance to compensate for his early lead. Throw in some Steelcaps for good measure, and this Yi won't know what hit him when he Q's in, and we live long enough to R and obliterate him.

    It's worth noting that most hyper carries in low elo like Yi, Yasuo, Fizz or Zed have very few options/ways out once they've decided to burst their CD's on someone. So if you manage to survive that burst; odds are heavily in favor of you punishing it, and claiming their bounty.

    Oh, and if we're the Supp, not the ADC; then just use CC to punish hard engages. The same situation occurs with no items needed to create it. Soraka's E in particular is amazing for stopping an assassin burst in its tracks.

  3. ok but what about akali? if she has w shes invis which is hardcounter to adcs, if she doesnt she still has 20 qs because it doesnt cost energy and it even slows you

  4. Tbh i am always trying to match my rune with the matchup and everything. But i never thought running resolve rune could be worth on an adc, thanks for the tip!👍

  5. well…..the vast vast majority of games is actually not me getting the assassin fed, but rather a 6/0 Zed coming down from midlane, towerdiving me over and over even though i won my lane going like 3 or 4 kills myself…

  6. "most of them have weak waveclear" here be the assassins — either junglers so they don't need to manage their wave or some sort of zed/kata/ekko that can dump the wave very fast at about level 8
    The pinned answer: Kata. Because way too many resets are achievable without interaction and her E is a teleport for some reason too? reeto pls

  7. Nothing makes me question humanity more than when you mention how you were straight one-shot by an assasin as an adc because you were caught out, and they go. "hhmmmm maybe you shouldn't be alone with an assasin then". WOW! THANKS EISTEIN! Damn, I didn't the smartest persion in the word played league, maybe I should also just try to win the game instead of losing right? Maybe jsut climb the elo ladder instead of just not.

  8. I'd argue that supports(tanks bared) have it worse. Enchanters are just as, if not more, squichy, but enchanters don't even have damage to try to fight back. If the assassin sees a soraka in the enemy backline and doesn't go for her, they're trolling xD

  9. real question, there's always a thing that i couldn't understand as adc
    i'm not really playing league anymore but still platinium actually, so i'm not really good at the game
    as you said, it's ok to wait and do nothing if the ennemy assassin keep his cd for u but, what happens if he is fed, he keep his cd for us and your team is behind ?
    i mean in most situation there is so way to change the way a fight would be espacially in soloQ but on the paper it seems pretty unfair right ?
    I was just wondering this tbh x)

  10. I really like this guide because it finally addresses the most common complaint we ADCs have.
    Although it might get some negative criticism (we are known to be salty, because of the pain); the nuanced advice provided is by far more useful than "just don't die lol", even when it is still not perfect.

  11. How to Counter Assassins in 2021-2022: Build Immortal shieldbow. Not sure why this video needed 11 and a half minutes to just say "build shieldbow, its broken." lmao.


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