The Shadowlands Scourge Invasion Experience…

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The shadowlands scourge invasion pre patch event is finally out…..was the threat of the scourge invasion truly as immense as we were told? Find out, this time on Krucial’s third weekly upload.


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47 thoughts on “The Shadowlands Scourge Invasion Experience…”

  1. 3 videos and a stream in one week… I rest. To those who celebrate turkey day next week, be safe, have fun and eat well, and to all others, don't kys trying to level to max level too quick.

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  2. People crying over this event are the funniest thing ever lol.
    "Bwaaaah I just wanna level my alt and these stupid zombies!"
    Like dude, leave. You have literally everywhere else to go because blizz scales everything to your level. Go somewhere else lol. If you're getting killed by zombies in a hot zone its your own fault you're still there

  3. this pre event sucked ass boring quest crappy loot i wished they would have done more like a scenario run or or somthing i was expecting game of thrones amount of undead just nuking the hell out of the city and a special set just for this event with inspiration of ebon blade and argent crusade but nah guess that takes effort and to be honest blizzard is lacking that they only give a shit about their sales numbers then making a good product now days

  4. I 100% agree with you bringing the plague into the world boss takedown and then dying and watching everyone else catch the plague out there fantastic! Being on the other side trying to run my alts through Stromwind hiding in houses while undead ran by behind pillars to try and make my way into the caverns of time without getting diseased fantastic! Lying and wait and spawning points for unsuspecting players to get undead ganked only to rise as someone who has had syphilis for 10 years fantastic! Earning honor while doing it fantastic!

  5. Ya they did the no mount thing after they saw the cluster fu#$ it caused in the first few hours. So it really wasn't foresight on their part, it was just so many people bitched about it they changed it.

  6. Am I the only one who doesn’t like that Tyrande killed Nathanos? He literally said “Kill me and send me to my Dark Lady” so he clearly didn’t care if he died or not. I’d probably have kept him alive and tortured him so he so that he couldn’t get his wish.

  7. "Blizzard had the foresight to disable mounts near questgivers" actually they released a patch like 24 hours after the initial patch to disable mounting since anyone who did it day one was almost unable to see any questgivers.

  8. You're not Belluar? Ok, we know that, but I remember your lore videos you did a few years ago, it was a good content. And I was really surprised to see you again 🙂

  9. Overwhelming a server sounds kinda fun, On Moonguard (Aka: Dark Meme server) All the role-players grouped up near the Cathedral of light and protected it for the entire event, making a no zombie zone.

  10. On Argent Dawn, this event has both an upside and downside:
    Upside: Goldshire is dead
    Downside: Nobody can RP in the cities and barely in the zones around them, Legion Dalaran is where all the ERPers migrated to.


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