The Sins of kael'thas sunstrider Questline | World of Warcraft Shadowlands

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The Sins of kael’thas sunstrider Questline in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

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  1. I don't understand, does campaign happen after the Nathria raid? Because Kael'thas is there being filled with other's sins and anima, and in this it's talked like this is in the past.
    And I thought campaigns happened before the raid

  2. Kael: Am I free to go?
    Accuser: After your atonement… hope you are confident with your body.

    Tyrande: Aight I got out of the Maw. What I miss?
    Shandris: Kael’thas had to… well I took pics.
    Tyrande: Is he…. BING-BONG HELLO!
    Jaina: Heh…

  3. Kael'Thas: "I am…"
    Accuser: "Getting your rightful atonement." unsheaths her curvy dagger
    Kael'Thas: "Atonement? It's the Kel'Thuzad that s—."
    Accuser: Commits Sinister Strike
    Kael'Thas: Surprised Pikachu Face

  4. My Prediction:
    I think that the Jailer is trying to transform Anduin into a vessel for Death itself to possess. Imagine Death possessing Anduin and is now wearing a dark death armor and a dark helm of domination (similar to Sauron's helmet) along with a scythe possessing the same powers as Frostmourne. However, the change is that Death can use the power of the Light as a weapon to use against the Void Lords and Shadow itself. However, if Death fails to possess Anduin, it will have no other choice but to possess either a broken Arthas or Sylvanas herself.

  5. Don't you ever wonder if mortals who know the truth behind the Shadowlands and Zovaal's background and past also get thrown in the Maw for that knowledge? Also, Blizzard stated that The Jailer might not be the final boss of the expansion. The Eternal Ones should also learn one lesson. The past always stab you in the back (The Jailer starting the Current Shadowlands Civil War)

  6. I don’t know why people are saying this isn’t Kael’thas, this is the Kael’thas they wrote into being in Bc. That’s when his character changed. It was bad writing but this is exactly him.

  7. I remember how disappointed i was, when i found out in TBC that Kael will be one of the big baddies.
    In WC3 he was actually one of the most reasonable and sympathetic of characters, who just wanted to find a place and a purpose for his people in the world and became a victim of rather messed up circumstances. That one was a really far cry from the Kael'Thas we have now.


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