The truth about Cyberpunk 2077 previews.

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Here’s the video I mentioned about the stock market’s influence on release dates:




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  1. I preordered this game because I trusted what you said about it. Now I see this bullshit cop out video trying to exonerate yourself and the role you played. Not good. You've lost your credibility and my trust.

  2. TL;DR – you did good. Hope it helps.

    I thought this was a pretty good, pretty informative video. I think it explained a thing some of us kind of know but that a lot of people that just buy games off buzz, but don't actively follow development, probably have no idea about. Hopefully a decent amount of those people also caught this vid. I personally played about an hour on Series X when it first came out and then just decided to wait for the proper Series X / PS5 upgrade. I don't regret my pre-order. I'm glad they have my money. And maybe it's cause I'm internet-ancient-of-days, but I'm all for those game delays and quality launches.

  3. I'm a console player only,……I have been playing Cyberpunk 2077 with an Xbox one X,…..and though I love and still enjoying/playing this game till this date, I have come to the regretful conclusion, that for the concept they were planning to go for….CDPR needed to just publish the game on PC and current next-generation consoles. (XSX, and PS5)

  4. I was pretty suspicious of how all the previews came out so positive only for the game to be a complete mess, but the separate locked down build makes sense. Do you think they'll be able to build the game up to the preview quality you saw through patches or is it too far off? Some things just seem to be missing such as the police

  5. I really didn’t mind cyberpunk I thought the story was good I didn’t even go for a refund the game was $20 cheaper than any other game which even if you just played the story mode is more than most games provide you

  6. 9:25 I’d agree the big deal about “faked” demos is that is many people (perhaps most) aren’t familiar with how separate a vertical slice is, and gaming companies have little interest in making this wider knowledge.

    I mean if all of E3 could be written off as “If it’s what they say then that’s neat” then that would eliminate the entire point.

    All just highlights games are perhaps the most tricky medium to market outside of books, new album? Well release a couple sample tracks. New movie? Trailer. But a game needs demos, but how late in the piece is one those ready? Should we market for only about a month?

  7. 17:00 yeah sure.. happens all the time.. "best game ever", "incredible experience" by some company i've never heard of and don't know their previous "review analysis".. "OVER 200 AWARDS" is on the front cover

  8. Maybe they should only do cinematics until the game is more set in stone and close to release? I know things change, but a group of people will always get angry when the game is different from what they see, even though it almost always says subject to change. Just a question, I'm sure there's reasons why they can't do that, or like you said they should just say it'll be different. But anyway, good video, I wish more people watched this regarding this game and future releases. Also, congrats on the Twitch partnership and hope you heal up and get back to optimum health soon.

  9. Not sure why the video is getting some hate, it explains things pretty well. I hate that the preview builds are fake and it's basically just concept. I'm really disappointed in CDPR.

    Keep up the good work Alanah


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