The Ultimate Apex Throwback… – Apex Legends Season 11

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46 thoughts on “The Ultimate Apex Throwback… – Apex Legends Season 11”

  1. nerf lifeline her revive is annoying af when your teammates dont do anything with you its literally just spam res and they have 100 hp to kill them and they just get knocked again then revive again repeat

  2. I miss the g7 scout a ton. It's almost the same feeling as when they put the r99 in the care package. I remember I couldn't play for weeks after they did that. In fact I think I missed the seasons it was in there because I am missing some season tier 100 badges. However I did get lucky and got to play some master lobbies this split and let me tell you. These guys hit their shots with long range weapons like bows, 3030, charge rifle, triple takes and longbows. It really forced me to adapt to that type of playstyle and I started picking up ranged weapons more often even if it was a 3030 repeater because it was better than not having a long range weapon. You might think you could just push if they have snipers but fact is when i tell you these guys hit their shots I mean they really hit their shots. They will one clip you with a volt and a flatline if you come close to them. My guess is they are all mouse and keyboard players because I do play cross platform and mouse and keyboard players are just known to have precise aiming compared to a controller player who more or less relies on target assist spray and pray. I got good with the 3030 repeater this split and have been using it far more often. That said though I still think it is hot garbage. The bullet velocity is horrible and the drop off is also bad.

  3. hey so… what happened to focusing on ranked? Would love to see you do another ranked climb, especially in plat/diamond lobbies which is where I struggle

  4. I been saying since season 3 till this day that worlds edge is the best map in Apex. Let’s not even mention the original version of W.E with the Train and all capital city in tact.


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