The Ultimate Xinyan Build: Genshin Impact (Free-to-Play Best Build Guide) – OP PYRO

The Ultimate Xinyan Build: Genshin Impact (Free-to-Play Best Build Guide) – OP PYRO
In this Genshin Impact Guide I’m going to be showing you my Dragonspine Explorer build for Xinyan, that utilizes both her physical buff, and Superconduct debuff to deal massive physical damage. Xinyan has a Pyro Vision, so she can be easily paired with a second Pyro for a good damage buff. It’s designed to counter Cryo enemies found in Dragonspine, the new area introduced in the 1.2 content update. Composing a party for each situation in Genshin Impact can be a bit of a challenge, especially with the limited options for those focusing on free-to-play. So in this Guide I’ll explain how to make an explorer out of Xinyan, to do open world challenges, as well as endgame content. I’ll go through what Weapons to use, what Artifacts to upgrade and which companions to pick up. If you’ve been looking for a Free to Play Build for the newest content, then check this one out!


0:00 – Genshin Impact Xinyan Build
1:49 – Xinyan, Dragonspine Explorer Attributes
2:56 – Xinyan, Dragonspine Explorer Weapon
5:31 – Xinyan, Dragonspine Explorer Artifacts
9:11 – Xinyan, Dragonspine Explorer Talent Skills
13:08 – Xinyan, Dragonspine Explorer Party Composition

Xinyan is a four star character, which was featured as a rate up character in Zhongli‘s Wish Banner during December. Due to this, you had a high chance to get her and several of her Constellations unlocked. Xinyan is good as a physical support role, and it’s the easiest way to build her. But with one or two Constellations, her damage dealing capabilities start to shine. Content in the subzero environment is dangerous, and it’s better to face them with a versatile Pyro team. If you don’t have any of the Pyro five star characters such as Diluc or Klee, this Dragonspine Explorer Build is a strong alternative.

Xinyan‘s damage has many components, and that’s why it’s not obvious how to build her at first glance. Her Elemental Skill deals Pyro damage, and creates a shield that scales with Defense. If the Elemental Skill hits more than one target, it also procs a Pyro DoT that scales with Attack. Her Elemental Burst is one of the strongest physical Talents in the game, and with her second Constellation unlocked, it always scores a critical hit, and creates a maxed shield. So, it’s ideal to build her for physical damage. We can pair her with an Electro character, and a Cryo character for Superconduct, with these two options being quite versatile. Then we pick a second Pyro character such as Bennett for better damage and energy recharge.

Xinyan is not the best carry on her own, due to smaller modifiers on her Normal Attack. We compensate for this by building her more like a burst character, and put her in rotation with characters who have short cooldowns. The best damage Xinyan outputs is her Elemental burst, so we get Elemental Burst damage from a one set bonus. Afterwards, we aim to get all sources of Physical damage bonus, as well as Crit Rate and Crit Dmg. Finally % Attack and Energy Recharge are good, but have the least priority. With Xinyan, if you get a random Defense stat on Artifacts, it makes a stronger shield, and does not waste stats.

If you have a second Constellation for Xinyan, her Elemental Burst will always score a Critical hit. In this case, we want to focus more on Crit Damage, than Crit Rate and it’s not necessary to keep 1:2 ratio. I’d raise Crit Rate over 40~50%, for Normal Attacks, then go all the way for Crit Damage.

There’s a specific trick to get Xinyan to recharge her Energy very fast, with a minimum investment in the Energy Recharge stat. It relies on spamming Bennett‘s Elemental Skill which has a very short cooldown. It’s viable because you don’t lose any of your buff when switching Xinyan out, and losing her sustained damage is not a big deal while her shield is down.

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