The WORST Solo Legend! (Apex Legends)

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22 thoughts on “The WORST Solo Legend! (Apex Legends)”

  1. I miss the old lifeline
    Don't like the new lifeline
    The always dead lifeline
    The never red lifeline
    Always has white shield
    Always has nice heals
    But she don't drop a drone
    She runs off all alone
    I miss the old lifeline
    I miss fast heals lifeline
    That was the real lifeline
    The bestest feels lifeline
    Lay down with shield lifeline
    I hate the new lifeline
    She picks up noobs lifeline
    Always rude lifeline
    Steals all my loot lifeline
    Bring back the old lifeline

  2. Listen man, he is the worst solo queue, I’ve been playing crypto solo since drop and his use of info is so useful, my highest dmg with him is 2600, with 12 kills but my consistency is so lacking. That and trying to play with ransoms is so annoying.


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