Thebausffs Reacts to Tyler1 being Rank 50…LoL Daily Moments Ep 1762

Thebausffs Reacts to Tyler1 being Rank 50…Daily moments from streamers ep 1762(ftTyler1,Yassuo,TFBlade ,SoloRenektonOnly, Jankos, Nemesis, Thebausffs,…).
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00:00 thebausffs
00:35 loltyler1
00:47 noway4u_sir
00:59 midbeast
01:19 thebausffs
01:41 lol_nemesis
01:56 noway4u_sir
02:18 nisqyy
02:37 solorenektononly
02:05 drututt
03:31 noway4u_sir
03:47 dzukill
04:13 xdavemon
04:41 kev1ntv
05:00 king_nidhogg
05:24 karasmai
05:44 viper
06:00 pekinwoof
06:12 autolykuslol
06:34 xdavemon
06:57 trick2g
07:26 tfblade
07:50 midbeast
08:14 pobelter
08:33 lol_nemesis
09:05 thebausffs
09:44 solorenektononly
10:03 karasmai
10:37 dzukill
10:57 tfblade
11:12 stunt
11:34 outro
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36 thoughts on “Thebausffs Reacts to Tyler1 being Rank 50…LoL Daily Moments Ep 1762”

  1. 6:45 the fact that he gets a reset on that first ult is proof enough why pyke is literally worse than master yi. the person died 0.01 sec into pyke casting ult and he still gets a reset for it. lets not talk about the forgiving hitbox of R anyway… just terrible gameplay

  2. basically after NA pro server i guess normal server now equal trash since NA solo q was garbo before i wonder how its after all pro went to super server i guess challenger in NA soloq will equal to iron in turkey

  3. Ye how is a 5 role challenger ranking up on what he demonstrated to be the easiest role in the game? I LOVE baus but the guys is low key delusional

  4. This man Baus plays less than 5 champs every damn game, but tyler plays almost every champs in different roles, not to mention, he hit chall on all roles. Baus high key delusional, stop playing top lane and play other champs and act like that LOL


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