There's More Going on Here… | The Wolf Among Us Ep 3: A Crooked Mile Blind Playthrough | Part 3

I feel like I have more questions than answers after tis one…

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21 thoughts on “There's More Going on Here… | The Wolf Among Us Ep 3: A Crooked Mile Blind Playthrough | Part 3”

  1. I'm glad you didn't kill Tweedle Dum. He was no longer a threat and it was the right thing to do if Bigby is trying to change his ways and get more people on his side.

  2. Miranda, as much as you loved “Telltale’s The Walking Dead”, you haven’t noticed Lee, Clementine, and Duck’s voice actors in this? Beauty, Toad Jr. and Bluebeard. I found it very jarring at first. I finished the first Walking Dead before playing this, and I had to adjust to Clem being an adult ritzy princess, Duck being frog (same voice actress) and Lee being the fairytale version of “American Psycho” 🔪.

  3. Beauty sounds SO MUCH like Clem, like I know it's the same voice actress but I had to double take everytime she spoke.

    Also; I really like Grens character especially him kinda warming up to Bigby. The entire Trip Trap crew is pretty cool.

  4. I strongly encourage you to watch an "evil" version of that apartment scene with Greenleaf, when Bigby is aggressive his voice actor does a stellar job. Like holy shit. It's that good. Thanks for the video btw

  5. Ohh i forgot to mention for future eps, try and let the timer run down until its almost empty so you can hear the full conversation before making a dialogue choice. Sometimes there is interesting info.

    Just a heads up 😄


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