This Guide Will FIX YOUR AIM! – Valorant

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42 thoughts on “This Guide Will FIX YOUR AIM! – Valorant”

  1. my Problem is, i peek and see a enemy running straight into my direction, my shoots hit neck or body because of there Movment. But there shoots hits every time Head even while walking or Sprinting. And all my Shoots miss when the enemy crouch…. the crouch and i dont hit them even with spray and pull my mouse to the end of my desk. My aim is Okay, but the enemy hit headshoots on really sussy ways.

  2. I gladly thank you for this, but forgive me for declining.
    I will, like the elder generation, learn from mistakes.
    I will take tips, aim higher and do all that stuff when I'm doing something wrong.

  3. Instead of saying get your picks like some dick heads. I tell them to breathe and zen out, you aren’t going to get a kill with a racing heart. So it’s best to calm yourself.

  4. Do the 100 kill mode in the range. Personally, I do a 500 kill mode and 1 deathmatch every day before queueing competitive matches, as it helps me fire up my senses before the real game (100 kills with the vandal, phantom, ghost, sheriff, and operator) In deathmatch I only use a sheriff to improve my crosshair placement. Maybe this will help some of you guys. Happy playing!

  5. I can't stop thinking that i cant win a fight and I don't but sometimes when i confident i do 1v5s 😢 its so depressing when ur dying to no matter what u see


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