This Gun Gets Buff After Buff! – Apex Legends Season 10

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48 thoughts on “This Gun Gets Buff After Buff! – Apex Legends Season 10”

  1. I wanna know what the fucking point is of playing this fucking game if the fucking devs can’t even stop people from cheating. I think they should rest every fucking account on the game so they can see who all is cheating so they can ban them and we can enjoy this game again

  2. I have a love hate relationship with it. Sometimes I just go wild with it, finding the perfect range than I’ll have games where it’s the only weapon I find and can’t buy a hit

  3. Have barely used prowler since you could go auto, picked it up today and shit it goes hard I use it more so as up close hip fire n that slaps, better then a shotgun least you don't hit 9s 😂😂😂


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