This gun is going to get nerfed next… (Apex Legends)

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►I think Apex is in a pretty good spot, in terms of balance. However people have been complaining (and using) about the Flatline as of late, even though it literally hasn’t changed much since 2019. What do you guys think? is it OP?

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36 thoughts on “This gun is going to get nerfed next… (Apex Legends)”

  1. I think it'll probably get nerfed by mag size and 1 damage. They'll also probably buff a bunch of weapons. People are only complaining about it because before it wasn't the strongest weapon. After so many nerfs to other meta weapons, the Flatline has risen higher than other guns just for remaining at the same power level.

  2. It shouldn't be nerfed it's not that strong it's just that all the good stuff has been nerfed in to oblivion. But everyone crying about it will cause respawn to nerf it. Everyone that's crying stfu it's really not that bad. Ya'll are legit gonna get all the fun sucked out of the game!

  3. I think all guns are pretty balanced rn.. the worst thing to go against is the alternator and turbo havoc but i didn't meet with a gun which felt way too overpowered and overused at the same time. .

  4. Its a good gun that takes pretty high skill play for it to be to strong, that comes down to the players using it well, the gun is fine, a pro player could run an re or double snipers and play as well as someone with a flatline

  5. This is just me but without the battle pass skin, my accuracy just goes down 10% lol. Other skins just look weird to me now and throws my aim off. Anyways no, I don't think it needs a nerf but wouldn't be surprised if it did.


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