This is 10% luck, 20% skill… and 200% of League of Legends

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46 thoughts on “This is 10% luck, 20% skill… and 200% of League of Legends”

  1. Uncancelable attacks generally still respect cancel distance (your attack range +400 for empowered attacks like these).

    However Blitzcrank E, the first attack to be made "uncancelable" back in the day, ignores:
    – This cancel distance
    – Untargetability
    – Loss of vision on the target
    – Hard CC (which disabled attacking)

    Nothing stops Blitzcrank E from finishing. Except Blitzcrank's death. Or Quinn E's knockback. Because you cannot have inconsistency without extra inconsistency on top!

  2. Blitzcrank hidden Ability:
    You are able to hit untargeble targets like Fizz in his E, Zhonyas Users and your hit is strong and fast enough that it travels through time and space just to hit someone after a tp or backport.

  3. The way that Teemo died is explained to me in the way that a Rengar who kept jumping out of a bush and hitting me a mile away after I flashed:

    The way attacks are programmed are as follows- Ranged attacks will fire the projectile as usual, and will not damage until they hit. They must travel the distance to hit you. Melee attacks however, will hit you regardless of distance apart. If the attack animation is going and isn't cut off, the attack will still follow through no matter how far the distance.

    I raged hard in that game of URF years and years ago because I would flash and say "how does that hit me I'm not even next to you". So yeah, this is 100% how the game is "supposed" to operate.

  4. Always hated this "mechanic"

    Still happens incredibly often with melee champions being able to auto attack and kill you through flash, which is entirely senseless given the distance

    Not surprising that it works through recall too

    Yet so many people argue that it's supposed to be part of the game and it's just a design choice lmao


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