THIS Is How Chads Are Killing You In PVP – Tarkov Beyond The Grave

PVP is an essential skill to learn in Escape From Tarkov. Weather you want to push pvp in your raids or not, you will almost always find your self in fights with other players in raids so learning how to be proficient in pvp will only make you better. In this episode of Lessons From Beyond the Grave we break down some pvp tactics that the “PVP Chads” use and try to explain how to add them to your arsenal. Check it out!

Go check out BazingaThatB! She was my duo partner in the second clip!

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46 thoughts on “THIS Is How Chads Are Killing You In PVP – Tarkov Beyond The Grave”

  1. Im not kidding when i say, thanks to jesse my PVP has become much better, and i learned or followed up with skills that i needed or just had to be reminded of again. So, thank you jesse I really appreciate you putting time and effort into making these videos.

  2. So this is my first Wipe and my first Egoshooter at a Pc and i dont understand why every Streamer/youtuber plays with flashlight. Eyerone can see you!? Or is it a tool only for the pvp guys, because im struggle with pvp after 220 Raids.
    Sry for my bad English.

  3. 3:35 four things you could’ve done , stand up and hope he misses. Swing a wide right. Or back off. Or run up the stairs and jump out of a room and spray him down. You could’ve also used a flashlight or grenade. I’d say try to be completely unpredictable I watch players do this thing where they use a flashlight for an entire fight then they turn it off and instantly get the kill Faking grenades to make people push. Using voip and going agh to fake your death when they made you.

  4. it depends on my day if i want to chase pvp or not but after 1k hrs i started getting 5-7 pmc kills in one raid not too often but sometimes it feels nice but if you have a worse day or a lose streak you better stay out of the fight

  5. PvP is the only reason I play tarkov, I ain’t very good since I just got it this year, but I’m trying to take it all the gear I can so I can quickly get used to the fighting since I’m used to playing games like rust that are way easier in movement. All in all this was very informative 👌🏻

  6. I like that you have a normal, clear mind and don't speak like you're a god-like deuchebag. You speak with facts and knowledge, not with huge cockery. I wont name other channels, but I dislike the cockiness of people who are better than average but still HUMAN.

  7. You know what helped me?? I was trying to ADS too much up close when you just need to spray at times. I pulled an old COD quickscope tip from back in the day: cut a tiny piece of black tape and stick it to the center of your screen. My monitor has the built in crosshair system but it's far too large to leave on all the time and blocks ADS picture, you can cut the tape very small and it will not hinder your sight picture when ADSing but while running around, see someone up close, just throw up your gun and blast them in the pelvis. It's like a free red dot that's always in one spot, PEACE!

  8. you should hide behind the corner and wait for him to fire, and do the same what hi did. hipfire while move right, and then If he would be still alive, push.

  9. Most chad are just rich, not good, any noob can kill half the lobby with a 300k gun and lvl 6 armor. And the problem i see is not the position, its the fact that a dude can, in 1 frame of video moving almost 2 meters to the right with a big backpack and shoot from the hip with a laser gun.

  10. i have killed plenty but i get killed a TON by players…most the time its from a spot i cant see them. need to get better at mixing my pvp and ai kills and maybe im playing too fast idk

  11. very good video, one trick I've learned over the years with Tarkov is in the first situation where the two charge in, after u kill the first one if you dont want to relocate, just change ur stance, or just hug the wall a bit more but now standing.. hell, going prone while leaning throws people off like crazy, if you can do something to make the info they are working with outdated then you just gave yourself a big upper hand.

  12. I feel like the first clip was just bad crosshair placement. You should have held the angle at head level, your first shots on his stomach were on point. If you were at head level you could have just killed him in the first couple rounds.

  13. wide swinging works not because its unpredictable, its what good players expect you to do, you got it all wrong, wide swinging is good because you’re holding the doorway, if he goes all the way out to the right he forces you to track him

  14. I don't see this shit, I just get head-eyes the second I see someone nearly everytime. Its extremely demotivating considering I came back after 3 straight years all the way from Alpha. I always get to fire but at the same time I just drop dead, and if feels like I shot a bunch of pebbles instead of bullets when the Igolnik I looted up. I feel like reaction times are fucked, its like they know my direct position everytime yet when I am listening it sounds like theyre coming from literally any direction. I've been through sound guides and nothing really helps, might be my headphones but I really don't want to drop another 150$ just for semi decent fucking hearing in a single video game…

  15. Another good vid. I have a question , I notice your crosshairs are always low about waist or chest level, is that because of your anticipation of the rise from recoil?

  16. What he doesn't show you —

    -The BP ammo tree
    -The exploited strength and endurance skills
    -Recoil control
    -500k in equipment to assist (atleast)
    -Personal simp army of 4 to raid with
    -Cursed map knowledge, Spawn rushing, running timer.
    -Streamer accounts and their various buffs

  17. @5:51 what would be better is you coordinate w/your team mate that you're prepping a nade before they open the door. They open you throw, the guy has to eat it, or run out. You get cover right after the nade throw, your team mate holds for the person to swing out and off contact you swing out. Good thing the push on his reload (close to) worked out.

  18. biggest tip is probably pushing & prefire. Peekers advantage is still so strong, using that + the fact the most people dont expect an aggresive playstyle, you win most of your fights

  19. In the first explanation of why you lost you forgot to mention peakers advantage. My rule is never let someone peak you if they know where you are, always be the one to peak first or at least match there peak. Latency has a lot to do with winning in a fight when you rush them.

  20. Don't kid yourselves – a lot of this is playing around peeker's advantage.

    -First clip: the aggressor had a good half second to actually draw a bead on Jesse before he ever saw the guy. That's why point firing and strafing wide works, because you get a clearer picture faster with that server delay than if you just try to slowly peek. Hell, the first guy never should have even had a chance to put rounds at him, but he'd probably noticed because he was in the room a full half second before Jesse started firing on his screen. Jesse's crouched, so aimpunch doesn't screw him over as hard as it does the guy he killed. That was way closer to a straight up fight than it looked in Jesse's client.

    -Second clip: not super salient as that guy with the couch backpack decided that a really stupid magdump was the best idea, and Jesse just pushed in on his reload.

    -Third clip: here's peeker's advantage from the other perspective. The first guy died before he ever saw Jesse. Right side strafe, you're fully in the doorway on your client and he can maybe see an inch of your elbow. Second guy, a


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