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22 thoughts on “THIS IS WHY I MAIN WRAITH!! | TSMFTX ImperialHal”

  1. 6:37 hal opens a door as a blood scans. (The door makes no noise) My guess is the same audio channel is being used for both sound FX. The "youve been scanned" noise cancels out the door. (If you skip forward like 10 seconds when hal goes back in, the door makes normal noise, so its not the door itself being bugged)

    Just bewfore hal drops down, Valk uses her Q. Making noise, this might be blocking the sound of hal dropping form the roof and landing. Unfortuantely we cant see this in the end vod as its just a little before the replay VOD starts. Im going to make an assumption that again, these 2 things are on the same audio channel.

    I believe all of these things contribute to why there was no audio for the team in the building, and i think apex seriously needs to look into and challenege these things. It would be acceptable if the door made noise and the scan noise happened, and the enemy team would hear both of this, but one louder than the other (making it easy to miss) but to be a complete audio FX fail is showing some degree of audio cancelling.

    As for footsteps:
    As many players do, the way Hal walks in, is a completly legit way (move forward, stop, move forward stop) kind of like a jitter/stutter walk. We all know this will negate some footstep audio, its why we all do it.

    Disclaimer: iI am not hating on Hals way of movement, this is not about the way hal walked to negate audio, this is not even something to focus on. Players do this, and its a completely legal strategy, treat it like crouch walking but faster. This is a discussion to why other audio might be failing. Forget footsteps.


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