This Is Why The Mutant Is Meta! – Escape From Tarkov Highlights!

The MK 47 Mutant is one of the best guns in Escape From Tarkov and has dominated high level pvp for a while. I normally like to use SMGs, Bolt Action rifle, or DMRs but recently I grabbed a few mutants and really saw first hand why it is so good. Check out the new highlight video with some clips from my Twitch stream featuring some funny moments, cool plays, and lots of mutant madness! Check it out!

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29 thoughts on “This Is Why The Mutant Is Meta! – Escape From Tarkov Highlights!”

  1. I cant agree with any of the recoil changes/recoil system in the game making extremely unfun to play with and around. Plus after how many wipes ive played im kind of wornout and bored of the whole ordeal. I'm pretty much just waiting for the single player survival game BSG has been working towards.

  2. Didn't really use the mutant heavily until this wipe and it's one of my favorite guns hands down now. Its like there are times where I kill someone so fast I dont even realize they are dead… that or the muzzle flash blocked my vision while I mag dumped and somehow still go them. After seeing Gigabeefs new video on it, it makes a lot of sense why it's so much better than the 7.62 AKs even it they have the exact same recoil values.

  3. I was really anticipating going labs with the homies but after seeing what happened in your labs raids I’m a little less enthusiastic. Did one of those raiders one tap you while sprinting? Like tf is that
    Edit: love the outro song on this one btw!

  4. Hey Jesse btw there’s a new way to jiggle peak. That’s how homie killed u with that nasty like 2 frame peak. It’s basically a modified version of R6S jiggle peak. It’s much harder to do & takes a lot of practice but if you can get it down it’s probably the best thing you can learn. You peak to get eyes on your enemy and then your second peak your already lined up on the guys head so all you gotta do is take your shot the moment you can. I haven’t ran into people doing it yet but I’m sure it’s only a very few that have got it down yet

  5. He ghost peaked u @ 2:23 u should kno this by now. You abuse peakers advantage by spam clicking ur lean button while shooting. Idk why so meny ppl keep dying to it holding angles


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