This Legend is SO Good… Unless I Play Them – Apex Legends Season 11

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31 thoughts on “This Legend is SO Good… Unless I Play Them – Apex Legends Season 11”

  1. I havnt seen your videos since like a month after octane released you where at most 200k subs it's crazy how much you've gained, you really made it in the youtube life I'm proud of you

  2. Anybody who can't play Fuse should try playing Dead Space 2 with the kinesis module. 10 years ago I beat it a handful of times on the hardest difficulty with just the plasma cutter and kinesis module. Master something like that and you can play Fuse EZ. He's not my main at all, but he's one of my favorites to pick up.

  3. YOOO! I played with him for the first time on a friends account, first time since season 5 that I've played. Just one game, got a W. I stuck 3 people with the knucklecluster thing, one of them at quite a distance. Definitely a lot of fun.

  4. I've started making YouTube shorts for Apex Legends and Minecraft! Any bit of consideration would be vastly appreciated 🙂 go take a peak, and if you like my content, let me know!

  5. Hey Rich, hope you see this. Just wanted to say that your laugh is super contagious and honestly brightens my day. Hearing you break character with your guys’s back and forth sarcasm thing and have a genuine laugh gets me every time. Much love my man.

  6. It’s funny that yesterday night, exactly 10h ago, I decided I would use Fuse to rank this season. I like this coincidence. In my opinion in rank, especially in a map like storm point, fuse is that character that allow you to gain that unexpected random couple of extra kills during third parties, just throwing random bullshits. Love for that crazy punching kangaroo


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