THIS MOD BEAT ME – Friday Night Funkin' Vs. Void Gameplay

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18 thoughts on “THIS MOD BEAT ME – Friday Night Funkin' Vs. Void Gameplay”

  1. The Void, The Abyss, The Music.
    AC Void, Air Conditioning Void.

    (Btw did you listen to the entire song of Singularity instead since you failed to beat the song?)

  2. I’m actually surprised you didn’t beat the last song in week 3 in void mod on your first try. The charting is rather easy and the scroll speed is perfectly fine, while losing health when void is singing doesn’t really matter. The only part where you could miss (and I miss up to 5 notes there) is a part in the end where void has a long turn and there is a repeating combination with the left, up and right note. And honestly, missing notes there might just be me, because I rarely encounter such combination. But you learn everything as the time goes, so it’s okay (I actually really want to finally learn that part, as it’s the only thing that stops me from getting a fc, because I always miss 5, or sometimes 6 notes there).
    P.S. Sorry for posting the same comment as the one on the stream video, I deleted it there


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