This Needs To Save Apex Legends…

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Apex Legends Season 11 has to save apex legends and has to be one of the biggest seasons in all of apex history in order to restore most players love for the game. Apex Legends needs a new map after 4 seasons of playing on the same old rotation between Olympus, Worlds Edge, and Kings Canyon. It is almost 100% that we will be getting a tropical island map in apex legends season 11 along with a brand new character Ash and also a new weapon called the Car SMG.

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42 thoughts on “This Needs To Save Apex Legends…”

  1. As soon as I saw the map trailer I was like, “let’s go another sweat vid” Bc I knew you’d make a vid on this and S11/Ash. Love the content dude keep it up 💛💛

  2. My only complaint is that I’m slightly underwhelmed the new map looks like a terraformed KC mixed with a little WE. Meaning I wish that it looked significantly different , as Olympus does, but I’m excited either way.

  3. I wasnt excited when some of the news channels were saying the map is smaller, but now knowing it's bigger than WE I'm super excited!
    20 bombs are easier on WE so there's some great content to be made

  4. When there´s a new season with a legend, servers are bad. When they release a new gun with it, its terrible. And if they add a map on top of all this, you better skip the first week or so.

  5. I usually don't play a new season on launch day because it's utter chaos, I typically wait a day or two. I, like everyone else, really want this new season to launch without issue, but I know with their track record it's like asking for a bug free game. In any other game I've ever played, servers and bugs were always addressed in a very short period of time and even had public play tests to ensure stability. I don't understand why Respawn can't do the same. If they did they could avoid these issues at launch and have a smooth sailing ship, but I guess they like punishing themselves.

  6. I am genuinely scared of the servers failing. They are clearly in a bad state as it is, if they aren’t fixed or prepared for season 11, they WILL fail! 100%! But let’s hope a miracle happens and we are able to play on release and not a week after lmao 🤣 imma be optimistic and hopeful!

  7. For a game this popular, and for a game that makes this much money, they should have a team working making a new map at minimum every two seasons.


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