This Pro Player plays Miss Fortune with MAX CDR | League of Legends (Season 10)

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24 thoughts on “This Pro Player plays Miss Fortune with MAX CDR | League of Legends (Season 10)”

  1. that cooldown reduction increasing in power the more you get meme, is a bunch of mental masterbation.
    unless your playing a spam like Ryze or hitting a sweet spot cycle on a champs spell cycle time, its really a bunch to do about nothing, probably some cooperate schmos at Riot trying to justify their jobs, on 10yr old game… which of course will end up ruining a bunch of champs that have been balanced around the current CDR states.

    that +5% CDR or (ability haste RIOT TM 200yrs) just means you will get to cast your ult 2 seconds sooners. Which really isnt a big deal if your not casting your ult on refresh.

    if it sets up an ability that can be synced with sheen its all good, but the champs that can use triforce are already match the cooldown refresh of triforce so theres no need to lower it anymore.. and before you get your hopes up MF base attack damage is garbage so she wouldnt be a good triforce canidate. And even being synced with triforce isn't the be all end all.. and this is coming from someone who used to main sheen volley spam ashe. ( I used to go tank ashe(black cleaver, frozen gaunlet, before the ashe rework) CDR is caped at 40-45% anyways.

    that being said a good theory craft would be to find out what champion could abuse the +45% CDR the most.
    ziggs? maybe a champ with an invisible/ defensive ability like qiyanna, akali, leona, garen, pyke,, kha zix

  2. Hey man I love ur videos especially when play on ur main. After watching ur manamune bt build decided to one trick mf again and have gone from s3 to s1 1 game away from promos keep up the good work buddy

  3. I used to play DOTA2, my 11 year daudhter introduced me to LOL, then I played MF because it was fammiliar to what I used to play in DOTA. Then I found your channel and I started to re-learn the basics. Thank you for the tactical comments. Much appreciated. BTW, I am higher level than she is :))))
    Fane999 is the name

  4. Hitting 40% cdr on MF is quite typical, through using Essence Reaver and black cleaver which are best in slot items in a 6 item build against targets with high armor (>150 armor)

    I am sure Umbral Glaive and lucidity boots are a poor use of gold to achieve the 40% cdr. Those items are not best in slot for a 6 item build, and are also do poorly for MF in terms of gold efficiency , aka damage / gold spent, preventing you from snowballing properly.

    From a practical standpoint, CDR lets you take extended trades better, and you only want extended trades against tanky targets who cannot be one shot in the typical ad + crit burst build. Against these tanky targets the best in slot CDR items are absolutely essence reaver, black cleaver and yoummus to replace boots at 6 items (you dont even care that you overcap CDR here)

    The full build would then be Dirk > 2xBF > Pickaxe > Warhammer > IE > ER > BOTRK > LW > LDR (if not getting mortal)> Yoummus > BC > Mortal Reminder. This is actually my go to buld if there is even one tank on the opponent team, the way i see it the ADCs job is to kill the tanks.

    (obviously) you buy mortal reminder earlier if needed and

    (not so obviously) you should aim to have purchased BOTRK the second your primary target's (aka whoever is in your face in teamfights) HP exceeds 1300hp, even if it means buying BOTRK as first item. (the math just works out that way) (remember, 2x BFS into botrk is strong!)

    (also not so obviously) I hold on to magical boots as long as possible, at least until yoummus is purchased.

    For meme video reasons you forgot to use cosmic insight for the 45% cdr (better mid game than biscuits anyway), MF doesnt really need biscuits in lane if you control mana use by not spamming Q unless you get Q2 damage off.

    Cut down is also better, as the intended target of a cdr build is tanks. Your previous video illustrates how hard MF can one shot squishies just going AD

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