Tank Soraka Support Gameplay Season 11

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  1. 12:15 how we simultaniously had to laugh XD golden i think you've found their mental Limit

    ok now about the build and the strat:

    Warmogs selfheal is an absolute nobrainer these days.
    but. your Q's only use is, to trade back the life you loose due the healing allies aspect of her kit warmogs nullifies the usage of that abilitie
    so go ionian boots, and max out on the mana regen after that if your team is behind. you can even go mobie boots for more fun if its ahead and unlikely to be reliant too mutch on your heals so you can play arround the superspeedy dodges. to double down on the speed you can go shyrelias so in case you have to use your lockdown e abilitie and proc your mobies, you still have an easy "No im still too fast for you" button. not using it as an engage, cause the heal already speeds up your team and if your not having to be the person wich the catches, its fairly enough to just enable your teamates by healing them even on full life, just to getthat shyrelia speed up proc onto them.

    the build path is pretty versatile and sometimes you end off better wich just building the major components like kindle jem and the mana reg thing from shyrelias first. as long your in lane you dont need to have the speediness but at midgame your team profits more from the mana regeneration so i still would reccomend going shyrelias first item, trying to not die and scale the midgame, and hypercarrie late mid to late game with the warmogs passive.

    i would reccomend sona over soraka, cause her ult is a better disengager than sorakas E. as they both use shyrelias sona gets the same job done more efficient cause she hasnt to struggle that mutch with her health.. soraka is basically a cracked version of sona with a higher win reward while beeing more likely to be targeted out. and her benefee synergie is a bit better in my opinion. even though its harder to place the benefee onto the intended person with sona cause of her AOE. the question is, how bad do you relie on these shields when you can go full mana reg cdr manmoaer mode with sona without having to spent the entire mid game onto collecting money for warmogs while knowing that its not your game jet.

    there are moments where a teamate dies while your healing them in the earlie mid game on sona where you know that a soraka would have kept him alife and they feel bad but…
    you can excuse that by "your allie overstood and its his fault that he died" while everyone knows who to blame when a soraka dies lol.

    it just feels more usefull to steal kills with sheenproc on sona than on soraka, in the earlie game.

  2. For the Leona nerds how to deal with this -> PTA Leo with dom not aftershock dom – first item +10 AD no support item stay healthy until lev. 3 for QWFAEA on sora recall, first buy executioners vs this lets go bb rinse and repeat wyd

  3. I only play Soraka on ARAM… With Dark Harvest. 😛
    3 items: Night Harvester > Warmog's > Archangel's Staff. And you became an Assasin and an Ambulance all in one and if you don't get caught in a bad spot, you just can't die. XD

    Frozen Heart if they're heavy AD, maybe a Zeke's. Maybe a couple of Mana regen supp items. All situational.
    It's superfun!

  4. Try Shard of True Ice + Everfrost + Warmog's Armor for Soraka. You get 1125 bonus Health without sacrificing Revitalize and Everfrost + E combo each 30 seconds which is a 2.5 – 3.5 (depending on E rank) seconds AOE Root + Silence from a surprisingly high range a lot of the times giving your team a free kill. The Everfrost + E combo lets Soraka protect herself too by just completly removing whoever attacks her from the game for a few seconds.


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