This Viego Build is FREE ELO League of Legends!!

I looked into the match history of “Gromp Lover”, a player who seems to be one tricking Viego with the same build every game! I copied his Viego runes and item build to take on this Diamond 2 lobby, we get into a rough start against their Rammus but we bring it back with thanks to our “Rekkles Sivir”

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I Copied this ONE TRICK Viego’s Build to gain ELO in League of Legends!!

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16 thoughts on “This Viego Build is FREE ELO League of Legends!!”

  1. Love the inclusion of OmegaLuls! It makes me feel like I'm watching irl haha. Btw some advice that may help: The "subscribe" notification is not as visible as it should be. Since your UI is already dark-themed hence making everything immediately pop, putting the notif at the bottom, surrounded by more graphics drowns it out of the whole equation. Maybe you can explore putting it somewhere else, and/or having a different design for it? Simple works best, and the goal should be that most attention should jump to the notif when it hits the screen.


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