Thresh Top FOREVER – Season 12 AD Thresh Top vs Sett – League of Legends Off Meta

It’ll never stop being my main till Riot ‘Aatrox’ him one day, hopefully never.


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Back to basics with Grasp of the Undying Thresh Top, going with my newer-favourite Mythic item: Immortal Shieldbow!

I’ll be updating my Mobafire hopefully before Preseason ends, but for now here’s a quick summary:

Shieldbow provides all three things AD Thresh wants:
– AD (50 + Mythic passive)
– Attack Speed (20%)
– Defense (Lifesteal + 300-800 Shield passive)

There are no other items that do this as well as Shieldbow does. Trinity Force and Stridebreaker are the closest comparisons, but the early vamp sceptre in lane means a lot and lifesteal is good throughout the game. Stridebreaker and Trinity Force barely provide more (or less in the latter’s case) HP than Shieldbow’s minimum passive, and their effectiveness does depend on your champion’s Base AD. Thresh has awful Base AD, some of the worst in the game.

The 20% attack speed also does a lot to alleviate Thresh’s initial slowness. You often don’t need more than that, but a Wit’s End and maybe attack speed runes can increase DPS even more without comprimising orb walking and kiting potential too much (Thresh’s auto attacks between movements are uniquely slow).

Thresh deals extra damage per auto equal to 1.5x his current Souls, and can charge his next auto up to Triple his AD (100% Total AD Physical + 200% Total AD Bonus Magic) over 10 Seconds. Combined, his synergy with AD and AS leads to brilliant potential, offset by uniquely low attack speed windup, and an atrocious range of only 450. A balance of offense and tank stats is required to make a versatile, truly effective AD Thresh Top build, without diving too deep into one advantage that you completely forego another.


Grasp of the Undying
Demolish (Or Shield Bash)
Bone Plating

Legend Alacrity

(Ravenous Hunter and Taste of Blood is good too)

See my AD Thresh Itemisation Guide on MOBAFire:

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