TOGETHER // 2021 VCT – VALORANT Champions

Together, we are VALORANT. We DEMAND. We DEFY. And now, we CREATE the world’s first VALORANT world champions.

VALORANT Champions takes place Dec 1-12. Join us?

Featured Creators:
Conradhi –
Alicia Marie –
Danich –
Hadid_Angels –
aysrin –
Villa of Vibes –
RaccoonInAHat –
Qing –
ShrimpPaste –

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48 thoughts on “TOGETHER // 2021 VCT – VALORANT Champions”

  1. Can you guys make a server in Bangladesh pls 😢. I always get placed with people with 20 or even below 10 ping where as I'm over 50 ping. This ain't fair, or atleast take ping into consideration when balancing.

  2. You guys need to add a mode of 7 rounds instead of 13, 30 minutes in a match really exhausts me and stresses me out, i stopped playing valorant for 6 months now and i really miss it but 13 rounds is too much


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