Too Slow – Friday Night Funkin':Sonic.exe

Hey hey hey! I’m back again, this time with the infamous “Too slow” but in my style. I didn’t really like the too slow rerun, so I decided to make my own!

Oh yea, I almost forgot, you guys have 100% permission to chart this, make mods and use it, just credit me and mention me! I wanna see them… Haha. I hope you guys like it. It took me quite a bit…

Art: @nooberdx6552 (goat)
Video: @NaxoAtWork (goat 2)
Chromatic and Voicelines: NottASaint (Cawth) [goat 3]

My Twitter is @GoddessAwe


36 thoughts on “Too Slow – Friday Night Funkin':Sonic.exe”

  1. "I didn't really like the too slow rerun, so I decided to make my own"

    that is a massive flex right there. to take an already good song, call it trash, and then just dunk on it like that

  2. this remix goes so hard, like oh my god I think it might actually be on the same level or BETTER than Rerun Too Slow

    are you gonna release an instrumental of this remix at some point btw? both for listening & covering purposes since GODDDD BEING ABLE TO COVER THIS MASTERPIECE WOULD BE AWESOME

    (sorry for the caps btw)

  3. Awe One question, what happened with the dejection remix? because if I remember correctly I think that in the video of unknown suffering v3 you said that the next song was dejection, I'm not in a hurry or anything just who asked me what happened

  4. Great version of Too Slow! I really like the buildup of the ambience on the first minute, really helps setup the rest of the song. The part at 2:51 to 3:08 was amazing btw, I love it when intense songs like these break it up to sound more bittersweet


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