Too-Slow | Vs Sonic.EXE: Rerun (Fanmade) – Friday Night Funkin'

Too Slow | Vs Sonic.EXE: Rerun (Fanmade) Full Mod Showcase – Friday Night Funkin’

(Taken from raingamegg534’s vid)

Song “Too Slow” By @NayuKhrome_ , @Checkty and Rufflez

Voice acting by @RaiGuyyyVA:

BG Assets Used from Sonic.Exe
made by CommandoDev

Art by Muto157, Gaming incorporated, IssacGeorge , ,

Origin: Vs sonic.exe: Rerun

Sonic.Exe sprites by Zero Animation

Chart/Events made by @raingamegg534

Mod Link:
(check out their channel for the mod link)

0:00 Faker
1:01 Cutscene Of Souls
1:13 Sonic.EXE Shows Up
2:20 Sonic.EXE Dialogue
3:21 Sonic.EXE Laughs

Thanks for watching!

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