Top 10 Movie Easter Eggs in Video Games!

The Easter Egg Hunter shares his Top 10 Movie Easter Eggs in Video Games.

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Games Featured
Ryse Son of Rome Lord of the Rings Easter Egg
Lego City Undercover The Matrix Easter Egg
Cyberpunk 2077 Blade Runner Easter Egg
Aliens vs Predator Aliens Easter Egg
Hitman 2 Mr Bean Easter Egg
Tomb Raider Anniversary Indiana Jones Easter Egg
Just Cause 4 Jurassic Park Easter Egg
Dying Light Harry Potter Easter Egg
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Back to the Future Easter Egg
GTA V Thelma and Louise Easter Egg

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29 thoughts on “Top 10 Movie Easter Eggs in Video Games!”

  1. Awesome👍🤙 u just made my morning’s always a great day when u upload! I’m actually in the middle of my first playthrough of dying light🙄 ya ya I know that’s pathetic but I totally forgot about it lol. But it’s an excellent game. Solid video mate🤘

  2. As for watching comedy movies in the cinema, I have to this day NEVER had as much anxiety as when I saw that scene from the Mr. Bean movie. like… the HECK are they gonna make it out of that situation

  3. Its not a movie easter egg but it is a videogame easter egg in another game. In payday 2 during the train heist, the sentry you have to steal is a level 1 sentry from tf2


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