TOP 3 Champions To MAIN For EVERY ROLE in Patch 11.24 – League of Legends

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0:00 Intro
0:28 Top
0:32 Dr.Mundo
1:40 Shen
2:07 Trundle
2:47 Jungle
2:50 Rammus
3:22 Zac
3:56 Amumu
4:24 Mid
4:29 Xerath
4:59 Corki
5:41 Veigar
6:22 Bot
6:26 Kog’maw
6:50 Xayah
7:31 QotD
7:42 Seraphine
8:17 Support
8:23 Soraka
8:56 Janna
9:29 Ahri

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44 thoughts on “TOP 3 Champions To MAIN For EVERY ROLE in Patch 11.24 – League of Legends”

  1. For xerath ban irelia/zed. Is my go to. I'd say fizz sometimes depends on how much exp u have on the champ. I'm a Grandmaster Jungle main. But I've played Xerath to Diamond 1 on a smurf. He's my favorite mage. He's really shit at side laning but u can stall out games. Play slowly don't rush. Don't roam/follow assassins without vision. Enjoy LP. Just remember 1 thing for me. Siege. If you get out roamed it's okay. Punish plates, get strong. If u main him u need to learn to ping early spam team mates about roams. Your job is level lead, get to wave 1 shot and siege. Not following the simp akali all over the map

  2. I need something explained, because this seems like just random champions you decided to put in here. In your similar video for 11.23 Veigar was not mentioned for mid-lane. Now that predator gets NERFED, you all of a sudden decide to put Veigar here. What is the idea behind this?

  3. All champs are broken if fed. I have seen horrible players with Yone, yasuo even Yi (just press Q+R) and have seen great players with off meta champs that fed like crazy and beat every meta champs… LOL is a snowball game, heavly dependent of early kills and farm, if you get an early good game= win almost for certain, i have seen comebacks, but if the team dont fuked up it's almost a certain win. Example: Enemy jungler was a yi, tried to invade twice, i spoted him as supp and went to my jungle and helped my nocturne killing yi twice giving the 2 kills to noc, then was snowball, he fed, yi was 1/15 in end game….It´s a team game and many players forget that and try to play as it was a single player game, its not.

  4. QOTD: Full tank Galio suppport. For runes I use Aftershock, Demolish, Second Wind, and Overgrowth followed up by Nimbus Cloak and Transcendance. Finish it all up with CDR, Adaptive, and your choice of defensive shard. Buildpath *Disclaimer* I havent tried messing around with the build since new items came out. Frostfire Gauntlet is my go to mythic as with Galio 3 of his abilities (Passive, W, E) aoe increace in size as you do. Follow up with CDR boots a Gargoyle stone plate, then add on situational tank items. A popular buildpath that I go is Frostfire, Gargoyle, (old abyssal, Spirit Visage/ Thornmail, randuins)

  5. Im going to miss Mundo top when they eventually nerf him and the runes to kingdom come. It’s nice to have a backup pick that lets you turn off your brain and just smack people with briefcases/cleavers/trophies.

  6. I'm not so sure about that Kog'maw pick for most players. He can be good, but he really struggles in the laneing phase and is easily counter picked if you blind pick him. To play him just know that he doesn't trade well early and is best used for longer skirmishes to get the most out of his kit. He just doesn't have the kit to burst quickly besides his ult. Generally, I'd recommend Vayne with Kog as a pocket pick.

  7. I've been using that Seraphin build for some time, rubes and everything, and seeing it now on this video makes me happy cause I think I'm on the right tracks yesssss

  8. QOTD: I've seen many senna players saying that she's weak but I think se does well with not-convetional items. Usually people build Kraken Slayer or Eclipse( those are good options but just in specific cases), I prefer going in some matchups with guardian and some item that gives me health like sunderer, trinity or even frostfire g. It gives me more survival and the damage isn't a problem at all. Also senna with moonstone it's kinda fun

  9. Shen is going to be busted next patch. He already has a ~53% win rate in plat+, and with the new changes to TP his win rate will only go up. The TP changes are negative for every top laner, but a positive or neutral change for Shen.


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