Top 5 BEST Pro Controllers For Xbox Series X|S & One

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  2. I have the regular enhanced and love it… my scuf is my baby though… i love the paddle placement on them, i don’t plan on using my ring finger to push buttons, so having the set up works great for me… i’m going to try out a battle beaver next controller… maybe a year or so from now

  3. Ghosty are the bumpers on the ps4 fusion power a controller light and mouse clicky? Also how stiff is the dpad? Is the dpad similar to the other 4 buttons or no? These are deal breakers for me because of the way I play. If you know of any other controller that fits these requirements lemme know.
    Ps there are green precision rings now which are superlights.

  4. There are many ds5 controllers malfunctioning and getting stick drift right now. I would just wait until they create better versions of the ds5. PS4 controller is the best right now because it’s the fully updated best version of itself. Sony changed it 5 times to make it good which they will do the same to the ds5

  5. you think you can review the new power a xbox series x|s controller. it’s the new one w the share button in the middle. its def a downgrade from ur favorite spectra enhanced power a but i would still like to see a review on this one just to hear ur thoughts on it.

  6. I want to get the spectra but I heard it has been having many issues with stick drift and audio. I fear for a game like fortnite where movement is crazy and communication with teammates is important, that it won't last long. Please give me some insight. I want the spectra but that pushes me away. Please reply on your experience with these things. I watched your videos and it seems like you are not having any issues

  7. From my experiences the Powera fusion pro is the best and most durable then the AIM. I never had a BBC controller before but I’ve heard great things. I would highly suggest u guys to stay away from a scuf and Xbox elite controller cuz they’re not durable at all.


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