Top 5 Most Anticipated Warhammer Video Games For 2021

2021 seems to be jam packed with Warhammer video games! From Warhammer Fantasy to Warhammer 40K it looks like almost every setting is getting some love!

What Warhammer game are you most looking forward to?

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25 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Anticipated Warhammer Video Games For 2021”

  1. Stormground, Darktide, Battlesecttor, and WH3 are all on my wish list. I think I may have converted to something without knowing it. My library is pretty much just WH/40 games and I'm so ready for Stormground! I know exactly ZERO about AoS!

  2. Waiting for age of sigmar to get a proper rts I’d love to see the world in a real time format instead of another turn based game (not that there’s anything wrong with turn based but it’s just my preference)

  3. even though i can see why most we getting alot of turn based ones but im hoping to see more real time strategy games or more like darktide/vermintide and so on maybe someone do a better attempt at something like eternal crusade but that last one is a not likely considering what happened last time

  4. Don’t know why people are excited for necromunda hired gun. It’s a focus home interactive game. They can’t make good WH games, space hulk, underhive wars, armada 2 were all bad games that only looked pretty

  5. Age of Sigmar Tempest fall is more hyped for me than Storm Ground or the 40K rpg. Hired Gun looks like it is going to have performance issues, and that's something i will stay away from until well after release. I am also waiting for the Ubersreik 5 to be sent to AOS as the first of the Soulbound.


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