Top 6 Best Eula Supports | Best Eula Teams | Genshin Impact

This video will be exploring the best supports and teams available for Eula to maximize her damage and survivability!

How does Eula work?:

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24 thoughts on “Top 6 Best Eula Supports | Best Eula Teams | Genshin Impact”

  1. I’m gonna use her xingqui, ganyu, and Barbara/qiqi for a freeze and shatter comp. superconduct is nice with her phys dmg but until scaramouche comes out I don’t have any electro units I care to raise.

  2. I guess Eula – Fischl – Diona – Zhongli will be my final team
    I was wondering about Xinyan since I really like her as a character tho, and i do want to make her work somehow

  3. I think I'll be running Eula, Beidou, Fischl, Qiqi/Diona but I'm afraid that I won't be able to utilize cryo res because of the constant super conduct proc… Is this a good team for her?

  4. I'm thinking of running Eula/Xingqiu/Beidou/Diona or Kaeya because with any one of the supports (minus Kaeya), Xingqiu can help Eula proc freeze, and with freeze, I can shatter. With Beidou, I can proc Superconduct and further reduce enemies resistances, and Kaeya would be there for the sake of DOT cryo.

  5. Right now I'm think Eula, Ganyu, Mona, Jean. It would be a waste for my Ganyu to be sub dps but… I think her ult and all the freezing with Mona plus her burst should do good.

  6. Would qiqi be good with her too? I wanna run her for healing and cryo res and have fishcl for superconducting, and for the fourth person it will either be xingqiu or zhongli?

  7. Why so many ppl afraid of Overload? I mean you can control it and not all enemies got the knockback effect.
    Xinyan is a really great support for Physical Carries, ive been using her to support Phys Keqing, Beidou, meme Ganyu etc.
    Shes also a great 4 Millelith user. Her shield is weak because you dont build her right (Lv 80 Xinyan with 2500 def has 9-10k HP Shield).

    Great Video, but i really disagree on the Xinyan part.
    I dunno man, i really get triggered when ppl say bad things about ma girl Xinyan when they dont really understand her kit.
    If you want the proof, i can give it to you xD. Peace ^_^V

  8. A C6 Rosaria would seem to work really well with Eula and Fischl/Lisa. On paper the amount physical res shred in that team is a lot!
    I wasn't going to pull for Eula, but her animations are really nice and I've got a Snow-Tombed Starsilver that will work well with her. I'd love to use Fischl with her but my Fischl isn't levelled up so maybe I'll try working with a counter Beidou support to get the superconduct in. Or maybe I'll have Eula replace Rosaria in my Diona – Ningguang – Zhongli team.


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