TOP REACTIONS to NEW Halo Infinite UPDATE by MOST Influential Halo Community Members!

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42 thoughts on “TOP REACTIONS to NEW Halo Infinite UPDATE by MOST Influential Halo Community Members!”

  1. I reallly hope that they don't do the same menu type as fortnite and apex
    because I'm honestly really tired of seeing your 4 players, your tabs at the top with
    store, cosmetic shop, and battle pass.
    I just hope its something new and refreshing

  2. I feel like the Halo community feels more like a community and I thank you Sean for that. I feel since you stated a lot more Halo youtubers tend to refer and chat with and about other Halo youtubers

  3. I don't think we'll have the red vs blue in multiplayer because of amour coatings, if that was the case then £5 purple you just brought as be taken from you unless your play ffa or infection ect and that prob won't sit well with ppl. Could be wrong tho they might have something to solve that ?

  4. Armor coatings are pretty self evident imo. We’ll get some basic ones to start. Unlocking some from promos and other ways. Some will be bought. That’s pretty much it. They do look badass and I think we will see some dope designs. Staying positive on this myself, as we can’t change it. It’s there…
    Otherwise yeah, it’s looking good and I totally called the anniversary date…Sean can def vouch.
    I said they’d end up doing an anniversary edition Xsx console for Halo Infinite too. So I’m all in on that!

  5. I agree with all of the reactions. Including LTN. I thought it was another rendition of a Halo 5 map. I believe "generic" is appropriate considering the same theme/template was used for multiple H5 maps including dev maps in expansion packs. The map, although new, is still too familiar to give me a more positive impression for it. I did like what they showed us back in July and would honestly fully support that version of the game polished and released. This new stuff (other than the map) is so much more eye candy. I do love it. Halo 5's multiplayer is definitely lore-based simulations and very cartoony compared to this. Staten's tweet about achieving the 2000 Halo goal now made me smile because people were so stuck on the older Halos saying that was Bungie's way of doing things but in reality, it was done that way because of technological constraints. I hope some real good stuff comes out early next year to kick off a good 2021 and maybe I can restore my hype for Halo. I have 11.3m more XP to get 152 but 0 drive. The armor and color are sweet. I want them, but don't want to play. Help.

  6. Hi Sean,

    Here's a few additionals things I noticed on the images that you might be interested about!

    1- There's a pickup in the same image of the grapple hook image on the top middle on the little parcel but I can't see what it is.

    2- On the Rocket Launcher, there's an ON/OFF switch that says MISRIAH ARMORY (might be just aesthetic).

    3- On the Rocket Launcher, there's what seem like a little scope wich make me think about target locking might be returning.

    4- On the Rocket Launcher /Sniper picture, we see a blurry Rocket Warthog on the left.

    5- On the different armors showed, there's is variants on the gloves.

    6- On the different armors showed, some looks like having smoke grenade or at least a new type of grenade (might be just aesthetic).

    7- On the different armors showed, there's is differents type of legs and knees, forearms and belts..

    8- On the black and white armor showed, I find it interesting, take a look at where all the red accents are.

    9- For the visors suprise they talked about, I think that this like a haunted helmet from Halo Reach but with the face of Craig instead.

  7. I really hope that only the beginning portion of the game has the landscape lifting up and down. Its interesting but would get boring and repetitive. Want to see what they do with the landscapes and biomes.

  8. Back in the halo 2 days and me still I. High school working my way up through rotc trying to find out as much about the military at the time & playing halo along with ghost recon games I remember seeing for the first time any reference to spartan armor in real life named future soldier project for the US Army for the year 2020 on its bonus features. That’s when I pictured my self joining the military straight out of high school & thinking if it truly was a career I’d like to invest my self on I’d get to one day I’d get to wear that armor & one day we’d have a space force. And I’d train and study to join that after a career in the army if I weee still young enough by the time it came. It’s amazing how closely tied halos timeline is to hour real life. We already have the United Nations & we do already have plans and technically to start colonies and most of the technology and knowledge need to build said spartan is close then we think. That was my thoughts back then. And I wanted to be a part of it. Soon after things didn’t go to plan I couldn’t finish basic training and thing went a different way fast forward a few years & trump is president and guess what he started a space force!!!! Like shit man too bad for me…. lol but damn do I see it all coming together who know where we might be in space travel technology in the next century let alone 5 after…. who know it just might go down the same way as in the lore and a group of radicalized aliens make contact with us and their first thought is kill us all. It is the will of our gods!!! I’m jumping subjects here but I even though of cryogenics to freeze my self 5 centuries into the future so that I may fight and be a part of said spartan program in the military in that timeframe hahah also look at how far we got with cryogenics in the last decade as well!!!! Not far fetched man. Idk if theirs one thing on my will once I’m gone is for halo to never die & just respawn for every generation to come!!!

  9. I’m just wondering why they didn’t animate the Spartans entering a waiting room for the board games. With the weapon mods and armour mods being selected on one of those hokey puck hologram thingies.
    Where the camera zooms into your Spartan selecting things on his holo puck while the others on your team sit around you in the waiting room for the games to start. Then at the end of the countdown, they all get up and start walking out while the screen fades to black.
    When a player joins, they enter on the left side of a double door in the background, when the player leaves, they exit through the right. They could have done some emotes and face customisation and made money from it this way. Where the Spartans and elites are without their armour in the room.
    Why has this not been done???

  10. Would be sick if the multiplayer lobby screen was your Spartan standing in a spaceship looking at a strategic holomap like he/she was planning a mission, if your friends join your lobby they can walk on to your screen and greet your Spartan and look over the Holomap with you

  11. Sean, you give yourself too little credit. You said that they can divert from the criticisms by just even giving screenshots if they don't want to give anything else. You said you couldn't have predicted it but you literally DID


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