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21 thoughts on “TOXIC GAMER CALLS ME THE N WORD! (Apex Legends)”

  1. You can’t hear his tone of voice in the beginning

    It implied i didn’t know what I was doing and it was rude

    I said what I said because i could already tell he was a piece of shitt and I was right .. obviously there are ppl who play caustic that are nice ppl

    But it’s usually always caustics I run into that talk the most shitt

    I was muted in the beginning until I asked him what he said so he was just being a little shit before I even started being rude back

    Again I usually don’t get like this but I’m not gonna stay quiet to some loser that ALWAYS Blame their teammates for them being bad at the game

    I’m gonna call u out simple

    I’m very good at this game as I put aloottttt of time in and I get matched up with ppl of lesser skill all the time and I always hype them up and show them love Even in the beginning in of this video you hear me complimenting him

    So when someone who’s talking shitt to me and is using a character that is basically free RP and untouchable In a building is talking smack to me

    I’m gonna talk back plain and simple

    Then he started being racist and all that jazz and I STILL TRIED TO CALM THE SITUATION AND BE COOL.

    None of it happened …so for all the closet racistt who are taking his side you only look stupid and you’re not fooling anyone

  2. I dont get why you were trying to flex your twitch and youtube? In the real world no one gives a fuck about that shit LOL. Everyone in this video is a cringey cornball and now myself included for watching this shit.

  3. One of the reasons I moved away from Fortnite and towards Apex is because of people like him. It's ridiculous how many toxic people like this flood these games and disrespect people for no reason. What a shame.

  4. Aye Rachet I was watching the beginning and you were talking about cross progression and yea it sucked for me to but you can do the EA gaming to download and sign it from there and it will save your stuff thats what me and my friends did alot of players don’t know about it but alot of people do it and it’s a legal way so you will not get banned i hope you see this👍 and just vibe threw the bad energy 😀👍

  5. idk if youre trolling or not or if youre genuinely confused to why u attract this type of person its because u steer the conversation into this direction. Why are u chasing a 3 man with a re 45 solo is his logic from his perspective youre a "classic wraith" youre not a victim to toxicity youre literally creating it for content.


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