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Today’s tale saw me on Storm Point as Valkyrie, with a toxic teammate Bangalore and a Bloodhound who wasn’t afraid to clap back at the aggressor. Meanwhile, I got the popcorn out to enjoy the “banter”. It took an unfortunate turn but then something happened that I did NOT expect.


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39 thoughts on “TOXIC PLAYER RAGED AT TEAMMATE FOR LANDING!?!? Apex Legends.”

  1. I'm starting to see the "why didn't you stick up for Bloodhound", so I'll address it here, because more may comment the same. As I joined late to the argument, I didn't really know what was going on or said before, and felt that the Bloodhound player held his own. A lot of you know this already, but I don't have the energy for conflict these days. If I felt that my teammate was upset or unfairly bullied to the point where he couldn't reply, I'd have said something. However, I'm not going to be pressured into feeling that I should have made a chivalrous stand for the oppressed. This was a back and forth argument that I cut down more than what you saw here due to both of them swearing too much to make cohesive flow. If you think less of me, I understand, but I also don't care. I'd rather be kind than conflictious, and I choose my battles wisely these days. Peace.

  2. Me: see new rag tagg video (happy)
    see toxic in the title (please don't be french please don"t be french)
    is a french (god damn it)

    sry for all the french toxic player guys

  3. 9:20 that scene seems a bit familiar to me. I remember I tried to keep a door closed but it opened just before going to it.
    But the deathbox didn't look like my banner so it must just have been a coincidence

  4. People default to toxicity because the internet can be such a toxic place so I think its a defense mechanism , not to mention video games with keyboard anonymity. You get more with sugar then you do with shit. Why I love your content. Even though you could be an ass with the rest of them you decide to go the extra mile and a positive champ. I choose gutter tier with respect then pred whos a cocky twat. Good job for being such an awesome person Ragtagg hope the best for you in everything you do. And thank you for being that guy in apex whos a friend. Just started playing with some friends and I find Solo queing can suck the fun out becuase instead of a squad having fun playing video games its an internal fight with your squad. GG

  5. I had a game with a teen the other day. He and I were downed right away. Our teammate was struggling against the last member. The teen started the trash talk to our teammate (still up ad fighting) I stepped in and encouraged the Teen to relax and let the squad mate to his thing. He won the fight and we moved on. The teen was still bitter about things so I said again relax let's just do this. He started to calm and be kind to our 3rd. Then I realized why he was like this. His mom came into the room and just was ripping him apart for not being ready for school. Sounded like the time was still about 30 minutes away before he had to leave. I felt bad for the kid with how his mom was talking to him. I told him, just turn off the monitor if he had to go and we would get the win so he wouldn't get in more trouble. he stuck around though and we got the win. He apologized for the toxic talk at the beginning of the match and said he will do better to relax and understand not everyone will be the best or even good at this game.
    this was a good moment for my week! (my inter Rag tagg came out)

  6. Picking up stuff just to find it exactly where I picked it up 2 seconds later, happens to me almost every single game lately. I have 17 ms ping and 940/40 download/upload when I do a speed test but in apex I get 400 ping regularly. It's driving me nuts but I am addicted to the game so I keep playing. Fml. 😀

  7. I don’t even let the toxic get to me anymore I’ll leave after too many insults had a little kid say black lives don’t matter on mic and called me weak because I picked ash and his teammate was a level 30
    Safe to say I left that game lol

  8. Kindness goes farther than oppression…… Especially in video games which should be a "break" from the stresses of everyday life…. I stand by the gutter tier ideology and will forever preach it because we are all birthed from the buttom

  9. Always wish the best for the teammates who don't do dumb things
    Also don't be toxic on mic. The least you could do is mute yourself when you're having a bad time, so that you don't affect others. Try to be positive on mic and play as a team. While random queuing is tough, just remember its about the same for everyone


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