The Portland Trail Blazers defeated the San Antonio Spurs, 107-106. CJ McCollum led all scorers with 29 PTS and 6 AST for the Trail Blazers, while Norman Powell added 22 PTS and 4 AST in the victory. DeMar DeRozan recorded a team-high 26 PTS, along with 10 AST for the Spurs, while Dejounte Murray added 13 PTS, 11 REB and 10 AST in the losing effort, his 3rd triple-double of the season and the 3rd of his career. The Trail Blazers improve to 32-23 on the season, while the Spurs fall to 26-28.

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San Antonio Spurs at Phoenix Suns – Apr. 17 at 10pm/et on NBA League Pass

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23 thoughts on “TRAIL BLAZERS at SPURS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | April 16, 2021”

  1. Spurs deserve the lost. but the refs in here are like the worst i've ever seen.. it's also like they're perhaps paid to sell the spurs. either way. these refs don't deserve their jobs…

  2. White needed to either shoot that layup at the end, dish it to DeRozan or Poetl! Why the hell you drive all the way in and then kick it out for a 3 only down 1?! Even if you missed and they rebounded you still wouldve had time to foul and get another good shot at it afterwards.

  3. i can't make any sense of the spurs and season that they are having. they have one of, if not they best core of young wings in the league. one can go for 25+ points on any give night—not to mention each one is average to above average on defense. they have one of the best mid-range players to play the game in the last 5-10 years in demar derozan. probably the best veteran leaders you can have for a young team in patty mills and rudy gay. and above all else—-they have the greatest coach of all time in greg popovich. how is this team a sub .500 team?….HOW?!? if you're up 17 (i believe) midway through the 3rd quarter against the trailblazers—-and the trailblazers DON'T HAVE damion lilliad—-you should win that game…especially if you're at full strength. that's been the case with the spurs the entire year. too many times they have found a way to lose games that they should win. i'm one who believes that the nfl and its games are scripted/rigged. roger goddell has turned the nfl into a complete shit show. i'm not there with adam silver and the nba, but this season (espcially the spurs' season) has been ridiculous.

  4. Wow the nba is dead… This current group of players / owners have destroyed the league
    – They turn on their coaches in a heart beat
    – They are hypocrites; one minute crying social justice, the next minute taking $$$ from China as China kills Muslims and Christians in Nazi like concentration camps
    – The hypocrisy is on a different level when it comes to beliefs — they endorse a "you can be and believe what ever you want, as long as it doesn'c conflict with the anti-American, anti-JudeoChristian, anti-LIFE, pro-socialist, pro-CHINA Liberal Democrat agenda.

    I don’t think the league can win the fans back.

  5. Modern NBA games are incredibly boring. Often nobody moving off the ball, nobody working hard for rebounds. Everyone looks lethargic and largely resigned to the fact that one guy on the opposing team is probably going to attempt a shot from the logo and 35-40% of the time will make it. Is anyone else wishing the NBA would get rid of 3 pointers entirely?

  6. As a long time Spurs fan I hate this years team. I hate the way it’s built. there’s no chemistry everything is a struggle. You watch other teams play and everything is just smooth & cohesive. honestly it’s time for Greg Popovich to retire because his method of coaching and his system the spurs way does not fit the player personnel that’s out there on the court and he is the biggest roadblock to the Spurs making any progress back to what they once were

  7. The crossover pull up mid from the freethrow line is the most efficient shot at my local gym. The three will eventually dethrone it at my gym; I'm sure it has, at other gyms.


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